6 Reasons Why DeMonte Horton is One of the Best High School Wide Receivers in the Country

A great wide receiver must possess a combination of mental and physical tools. Body control and agility are essential to success at this position. The number one quality that a receiver must have is the ability to adjust.

DeMonte Horton, a 6-3, 205-pound wide receiver from Skyview High School in Nampa, ID, is one such athlete. His list of potential colleges includes Air Force, Army, Navy, Adams State and Idaho State. Horton puts tremendous pressure on opposing defenses, who virtually have to plan their entire games around him.

Here are six reasons why this big time college football prospect is bound to be a star at the next level.
1 - Horton is the prototype for success at the position. “A receiver must be able to avoid obstacles and move his body in space,” writes Jay Norvell in his book, Complete Wide Receiver. “To be able to adjust, a player must have a high level of agility.”

Horton is the type of wide receiver who can change body position, even in midair, to make a critical play. His upper body flexibility allows his hands to always get into place and make the catch. He's a smooth, natural athlete who makes things look easy. Horton on the field is a beautiful and exciting thing to watch.

2 - Horton has superior strength. Exceptional strength is vital for a receiver. Horton's power manifests itself in many ways. It helps him get off the line when the defensive back tries to jam them. He wins when he and another player are fighting as they run down the field and work for position on the ball. Horton is very strong when going up for high balls and jump balls. Finally, his body has the ability to take the pounding and rigors of a long season.

3 - Horton has sure, soft hands. They give him the ability to catch the ball in crowded situations: one of the skills that defines the receiver position. He possesses the ability to consistently catch the football, and so much more.

“Ask yourself, what is the No. 1 job of a wide receiver?” Writes Matt Miller in an article called How Do Scouts Break Down NFL Wide Receiver Prospects? “The answer? To catch the ball. More than any other aspect of what the player does, his hands are the most important feature when scouting a player.”

Watch these highlights to get a look at Horton’s sure hands.

4 - Horton is great at running after the catch. Run After Catch (RAC) is the term used the distance gained by a receiver after catching a pass. It is the forward yardage gained from the spot of the reception until the receiver is downed, runs out of bounds, scores, or loses the ball.

Most receivers can run under a pass and catch it, but it takes a truly special player to be able to consistently catch the ball in crowded situations. Horton has ability to catch the ball while being simultaneously hit, a measuring stick for mental toughness.

5 - Horton has great focus. His ability to block out all distractions and have single-minded concentration on the football is remarkable. Horton can block out the crowd, the defenders, and the elements in order to keep pure focus on the football and make the play. Great focus is the ability to know that you are going to be hit but still keep your critical attention on the ball. He has it.

Horton consistently sees the ball, feels the sideline, then makes the catch while simultaneously getting his toes down before he gets out of bounds.

6 - Horton is able to find open spaces. Horton brings the playbook alive. Every route in the playbook has a certain depth and spacing on the field. Horton runs the route at the proper depth and gets open at the proper time. The playbook is full of plays, but his skill and discipline brings the book as well as the passing game to life.

Horton is a smart player who understands coverage. He has an incredible knack for feeling the space in the zone. His great peripheral vision gives Horton the ability to see holes in the defenders’ positioning that the average player doesn’t see. His above average intelligence allows Horton to have a profound understanding of defensive coverage and structure.

Watch Horton show his skills against Emmett High School.

Horton is a playmaker. His acrobatic catches and runs after a catch allow him to dance effortlessly into end zone after end zone. His physical characteristics, stamina, quickness, hand-eye coordination, and overall winning attitude place him among the elite.

DeMonte Horton makes the players around him better.

Follow this great athlete during the 2017 Skyview High School football season and enjoy the view of a rising star!

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