5 Reasons People Love Abby Besselievre

by Michael Strickland

When Abby Besselievre arrived on the pageant scene, how many knew she would become as popular as she has? Outreach is her strong suit. But what makes Abby so special? Why do people in Gem County (and beyond)  love her so much? 
"This year has been filled with so many happy days and I am so grateful for every one of them," Abby, said as she recently ended her reign as Miss Gem County 2016.

Here are five reasons we love Abby Besselievre.
She is charitable. Miss Besselievre donates time and resources to charitable causes. She helps whenever she can. When I had the pleasure of getting to know her, as I judged Miss Gem County 2017, it was clear that Abby's heart is always in the right place. If you asked for the shirt off her back, she'd give it to you.
Her platform was “Remember the Seniors. Abby told the Messenger Index:
I did my high school senior project on a research paper on geriatric psychology. I found out the more you age and become isolated and live alone, the more likely you are to have memory decline, your immune system will weaken and become depressed. The elderly community is more likely to become depressed and commit suicide than the young community. 
... It’s really fun to visit a senior. When you go to visit someone it’s not for you, it’s for them. The feeling you get helping them is so amazing. The person I visit — it’s so amazing to see her smile. There are a lot of people at the nursing home I visit who have no one who come visit them.

The state pageant took notice. Abby won the Miss America Serves award at Miss Idaho, a $500 scholarship. "In my short time as Miss Gem County I hope I was able to make at least one person smile, laugh and feel confident about themselves," Abby said.
She walks, acts and talks like a winner. Competing for the crown is a confidence game that requires as much mental preparation and toughness as any sport. Abby knows who she is, acting poised, energetic and comfortable being herself.

A top 11 finisher at Miss Idaho, she is an inspirational story. This young woman has risen above challenges, manifesting success. Abby Besselievre inspires others to take action and work to change lives.

For a further example: watch this Facebook video of Abby. 
She is fan-friendly. With the celebrity status of Abby Besselievre, you might assume she'd be hard to approach. Actually, her style is completely the opposite. Abby is affable, warm and kind to everyone she meets. She comes across as both genuine and honest.
People gravitate toward Abby Besselievre. While some high-profile people seem to change with the wind to follow whatever trendy things pop up,  Miss Besselievre concentrates on what drives her. She does what makes her happy as an individual. She doesn't need to make people like her. Crowds are simply drawn to the energy she radiates and her everpresent smile.
She is hilarious. "The most wasted of all days is one without laughter, a great poet once wrote. Being cute and funny was something Abby Besselievre was born to do. She is fun to be around and can always make you laugh. Chat with Abby sometime and see for yourself.

And this quality brings out further positive traits. Check out this related reading: Science proves that funny people are more intelligent.

She is a small town girl with a big time attitude. Headed to Idaho State University this fall, Miss Besselievre plans to major in Health Sciences. Is she a future doctor? I would not be surprised if that happens one day.

And and check out her comments about the Emmett Business Expo.
Abby is  often photographed with all types of people at public events. She is a pageant queen that fans love!

And she is forever grateful:

"This year has been filled with so much love and support from this wonderful community," Abby said. "I couldn't have done it without you."

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