Musicians Blast Donald Trump for Unauthorized Use of Their Songs

Donald is supposed to be the kind of businessman who is awrae of and who protects property rights. But the following list of tweets shows otherwise.

Back on May 5 an article called 6 Times Famous Rockers Told Donald Trump, Stop Using Our Music! appeared on Alternet.

Queen, the Rolling Stones, Adele, and Aerosmith are among the musicians who have asked Trump to stop using their music

There are many artists who have told Donald Trump to stop playing their music at presidential rallies and events affiliated with his campaign. Trump typically uses white classic rock bands at his rallies.  There is a running list of said artists who’ve publicly requested that the Republican nominee stops using their work. And the list keeps getting longer.

When the house band at the Republican National Convention played “Here Comes The Sun” as Ivanka Trump walked on stage, the estate of late Beatle George Harrison was not happy about it.

“When Donald started running for office, he asked me, he called me and said 'Can I use the song?' Dee Snider of Twisted Sister told CNN. "And he's a buddy. And I said, 'Yeah. Go ahead.' But as the months went on, I heard a litany of his beliefs that I'd never discussed with him. I finally called him and I said, 'Man, you've gotta stop using the song. People think I'm endorsing you here. I can't get behind a lot of what you're saying.' And that night. He has not used it since.”

According to NBC, The widow of Luciano Pavarotti spoke out: “As members of his immediate family, we would like to recall that the values of brotherhood and solidarity which Luciano Pavarotti expressed throughout the course of his artistic career are entirely incompatible with the world view offered by the candidate Donald Trump."


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