You Too Can Be A Celebrity: Let Me Help You Publish a Book

Imagine your first book signing. Throngs of fans clamoring to hear more about you, your journey and your work.
The following services are available for authors and aspiring authors at all levels of experience.
Here is how I provide publishing services for your book.
The Big Picture:
There are dozens of questions to be answered along the journey to becoming a published author. I can help answer those and most other questions that arise as you move your project along the road to sales and personal success.
You alone define what success means. As your consultant, I can walk you through the process step by step. Becoming a published author is like starting your own business. One of the first things you need to consider is your market, your audience, your reader. Next, we think about production. Will you produce an ebook, downloadable from your website; paperback; hardcover; an audio book; or all of the above?
How far has your book been edited? Will your cover design capture the potential reader’s attention in just a couple of seconds? Is the interior designed with your reader in mind? Where will your book be printed? What about warehousing? Copyright? ISBN? Bar code? CIP? (Cataloging In Publication ) LCCN /EPCN? (Library of Congress Control Number /Electronic Pre-assigned Control Number) Distribution? Shipping and handling?
I can help you make money on your writing, and save you money, time and frustration. And in many cases, book consulting can be deducted as a business expense. The goal of book consulting is to help you create high – quality, attractive, successful books and subsidiary products, like audio books, e – books, art prints, marketing tools, and much more. My book consulting is customized to meet your needs, schedule and budget. It includes helping you learn the business of having your work published and widely distributed. I also assist in working with proven vendors (editors, typesetters, designers, printers, distributors, and others). And I help face challenges that have not yet been anticipated.
Finally, we provide promotions, including social media management and outreach to all types of media outlets.
Our standard consulting rates range between $1500 and $10,000 for a full project. We  work with you on a plan. For example, if you have a full manuscript that needs development; we could set a rate of $1,500 -- $500 upon a signed agreement; $500 after the first set of edits; and $500 for a completed manuscript. You can decide on other services, and we can negotiate those.
For the publishing services beyond editing, methods may include, but need not be limited to: face-to-face conferences, phone conferences, email correspondence, travel time, review of materials, research, and other investigation as appropriate for your project (for example, appropriate vendors).
I will provide you with an itemized account of work on your project on a monthly basis. Because of the ongoing nature of the publishing process, it is currently not possible to provide an accurate estimate of our total fee. In any event, we will do our utmost to make efficient use of our resources. I make referrals as part of the package and other vendor fees (printing, book cover, attorneys, etc. will be handled through those various contractors with my help and advice.)
We will use the CreateSpace platform. I will walk you through everything from setting up the account to formatting.
Social media, promotion and web design fees. Here is my price list.
My social media prices are very far below the market averages. SOURCE:
Maintaining Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and other promotion work, including bookmarks, business cards, flyers, setting up book signings, and writing copy for your sales platforms (Amazon,, Apple, etc.)  can be billed at a monthly fee.
Creating a website:  “A website is an affordable and effective way to create a professional image for your book.  With so many people using the Internet for business, communication and purchasing decisions, some sort of online presence is essential for the success of your book.  More specifically, a website is an affordable way to promote and distribute books.  A website also creates a sense of legitimacy for a potential reader.
Author Website fee: $1,500

I look forward to discussing this with you further.

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