Monday, June 27, 2016

5 Reasons Donald Trump Scares Republicans

If you are as curious as I am about the rise of Donald Trump, it should be no wonder that many on the right are up in arms about The Donald. Having written several times about Trump since the early days of the campaign, I can now give a brief overview of why he is ruffling so many feathers in traditional GOP circles:

1) He supports eminent domain. Eminent domain is an absolute necessity,” said Donald Trump during the Feb. 6 2016 Republican presidential debate. “Without it,” he claimed, “you wouldn’t have roads, you wouldn’t have hospitals, you wouldn’t have anything. You wouldn’t have schools, you wouldn’t have bridges. You need eminent domain.”

2) He is toxic.  The latest high- ranking defection from a supporter who has typically gone all-out for the party is George F. Will. The a conservative columnist and prominent Republican pundit for the past 40 years, said he has left the Republican Party because Donald J. Trump is the party’s presumptive presidential nominee.

In an interview with PJ Media, Will said he had recently switched his party registration to unaffiliated. Republicans should “grit their teeth” during a Hillary Clinton presidency and then hope to beat her in 2020, he contends.

“This is not my party,” Mr. Will said in a June 24 speech at the Federalist Society before the PJ Media interview.

Even far-right members of Congress, including Rep. Raúl R. Labrador of Idaho, who has a near perfect rating on the Conservative Review Scorecard, have their criticisms: “I will not stand idly by listening to a person attacking the integrity of a judge because of their ethnicity,” he said at a monthly news conference he holds with a group of his fellow conservatives in the House of Representatives. “That is absolutely morally abhorrent.”

No one expects Republicans to carry the Hispanic vote since Democrats have dominated it for decades, winning at least 56 percent in each of the past nine presidential elections, according to CNN. "Still, the share of the vote that the GOP nominee claims matters a great deal: Every Republican over that time who has won at least a third of the Hispanic vote has won the presidency — Ronald Reagan won 35 percent and 37 percent, respectively, in his two victories, and George W. Bush won 35 percent and 40 percent in his two bids. Only George H.W. Bush in 1988 won less than a third (30 percent) but still carried the day."

"Unlike a presidential primary, in which Trump can go from state to state appealing only to his populist conservative base, he now has to run a national campaign against a single opponent in an election in which more than 125 million Americans are likely to cast ballots," says columnist Ben Jacobs. "Trump has to build an organisation capable not just of turning out the true believers wearing his trademark Make America Great Again hats, but also swing voters. For all his appeal, Trump still had great difficulty winning a majority of the vote in competitive Republican primaries, and faces a far bigger challenge winning a majority in a general electorate, of which roughly 30% of voters will be members of minority groups."

3) He could ruin the upcoming GOP convention. Prominent conservatives, including Utah Rep. Mia Love, are sitting out the Republican convention. "I don't see any upsides to it," Love told reporter Matt Canham. "I don't see how this benefits the state."

She's the only member of Utah's 40-person delegation to back out of the convention, though others are considering it, largely over opposition to Trump, according to the Salt Lake Tribune.

Utah Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox previously said: "I have not been supportive of Mr. Trump, and I'm not really excited to go back to a convention that's centered around him. ... There's a chance I don't go."

4) He is a big fan of government power. "But on issue after issue, Trump vows to use government as a tool to improve the lot of his supporters, and address their anxieties," columnist Yoni Applebaum wrote on Mar. 30, 2016.  "He’d interfere in free markets, imposing tariffs to punish companies that move factories offshore, and countries with abusive trade practices. He’s pledged to preserve Social Security. He’s proposed, at various times, registering Muslims and banning them from entering the country."

5) Donald Trump is scary. He's unpredicatable and uncontrolled. Rutgers University Political Science Professor Dr. Elizabeth Hull said to NewsOne that GOP hostility towards its frontrunner stems from him pulling the mask off the party and his constant boastings about not being funded by Super PACs or big donors, unlike his rivals:

“The Republican Party fears Trump for two reasons: One, his bigotry and bald-faced racism expose the Party for what it’s become ever since adopting its Southern Strategy in 1968; since then, it has demonized every group other than its own right-of-center White constituency; and Two, Trump can’t be controlled by the corporate interests that have successfully pulled the strings on virtually every other GOP office-holder.“

Can you imagine the ultraconservative billionaire GOP donor Koch brothers turning for Hillary Clinton? The Koch family is an American family engaged in business and philanthropy, most noted for their political activities and control of Koch Industries, the second-largest privately owned company in the United States (with 2013 revenues of $115 billion).

Charles G. Koch and David H. Koch, today commonly referred to as the Koch brothers — and the only two of Fred Koch's four sons still with Koch Industries — are affiliated with the Koch family foundations. They have also founded and funded a number of conservative and libertarian political organizations. Charles Koch told ABC News that it’s “possible” Clinton would make a better president than Trump. A spokesman for the brothers declined to rule out the possibility of backing the former secretary of state, though he implicitly criticized both her campaign and Trump’s..


Conservative commentator Erick Erickson, founder of Red State and a well-known Christian and political voice, also held little back, imploring Christians to be ashamed of the Dobson story, Deseret News reported.

 "So let’s get this straight. Less than a week ago, evangelicals meet with Trump and, after much criticism for the embrace some gave him, someone told James Dobson who told the media that Trump found Jesus recently," Erickson wrote. "I thought he was a Christian last year." And he wasn't done there. "If you are a Christian and do not have a sense of shame over this story, you should. This is shameful and embarrassing," Erickson continued. "It is made more embarrassing that someone would take advantage of an 80-year-old James Dobson."

UPDATE 7/21/2016

Donald Trump was furious. Melania Trump was humiliated. And the campaign, which had appeared to be on the path to becoming a more organized, disciplined operation, was back on its heels, dealing with swirling accusations and internal finger-pointing that yielded no real answers about what happened, according to CNN. The uproar was yet another unsettling episode for the Trump campaign at a time when many top donors are closely watching Trump and his operation to determine whether it is worth their investment this fall.


Thursday, June 23, 2016

AXS CEO Troy McClain Reveals His Real Feelings About Donald Trump

We were able to attend a recent sit down with AXS CEO Troy McClain in his Boise office. A reporter asked: What is it about the guy? That has these, as you said, ten million Americans voting for him (probably more than that, after he becomes the nominee)? What is it about Trump?

Below are Troy's words:

So, everyone wants to know what I feel about Trump. Troy on Trump. What’s the truth? Here it is. First, I want to bring Trump to Idaho. I really do. I've been actively reaching out to his campaign, I've been actively reaching out, and I want to be the one that says, “We’re bringing Trump here”. Everybody asks what it is about Trump. Why do people resonate with him? And I really believe it's because strong leadership.

Whether you agree or disagree, you have to agree that he's a strong leader. You could agree with his politics or you could disagree with his politics. You can have more questions, but we’re looking  for leadership. And in times of lack of leadership, we gravitate towards leadership. I've done it you've done it. We've all done it. And I try to instead of saying what it is, let's say what it's not. I don't believe either party is slapping their hands together, rubbing them and saying “ Mwahaha, I can't wait to destroy the world!”. I don't think the Clintons are doing it. I don't think Mr. Trump’s doing it. So if we can agree to take that off the table, what I do think that is they each believe they’re doing what's right for their country. Whether I agree or disagree with them is another thing. Mr trump I believe is leading because he's a leader and he's b been a leader. And were all right now.

As a small business owner, I'm frustrated. As a small business entrepreneur, that is a job creator, I'm disenchanted, I'm disenchanted with the things that I hear. And what I'm not disenchanted with is Mr. Trump. I don't always agree with what he says or how he says it, but I sure do agree that he knows how to lead. And ten million other people agree with me as well. If anybody can unite the parties, even, I've heard you say it on the news as a matter of fact.

One thing that, Mr. Trump, you have to give him credit for, he did unite the right and left. They all tried to pool up against him. For the first time, someone’s united the right and left against a common cause! But what the common cause? The common  cause that they were united against, is the  want to get rid of the non-politician. Well, why do you want to get rid of the non-politician? What is it that you don’t want us to know? What is it that you don’t want us to see? So I think the attraction to Trump is the leadership. I think the attraction to trump is the fact that he is not a politician. He’s unapologetic for his comment. He s unapologetic, for his quotes. He’s not guarding his words. It feels right. Even though you might not agree with it you go “ at least he’s gonna tell the truth.”

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Friday, June 10, 2016

You Too Can Be A Celebrity: Let Me Help You Publish a Book

Imagine your first book signing. Throngs of fans clamoring to hear more about you, your journey and your work.
The following services are available for authors and aspiring authors at all levels of experience.
Here is how I provide publishing services for your book.
The Big Picture:
There are dozens of questions to be answered along the journey to becoming a published author. I can help answer those and most other questions that arise as you move your project along the road to sales and personal success.
You alone define what success means. As your consultant, I can walk you through the process step by step. Becoming a published author is like starting your own business. One of the first things you need to consider is your market, your audience, your reader. Next, we think about production. Will you produce an ebook, downloadable from your website; paperback; hardcover; an audio book; or all of the above?
How far has your book been edited? Will your cover design capture the potential reader’s attention in just a couple of seconds? Is the interior designed with your reader in mind? Where will your book be printed? What about warehousing? Copyright? ISBN? Bar code? CIP? (Cataloging In Publication ) LCCN /EPCN? (Library of Congress Control Number /Electronic Pre-assigned Control Number) Distribution? Shipping and handling?
I can help you make money on your writing, and save you money, time and frustration. And in many cases, book consulting can be deducted as a business expense. The goal of book consulting is to help you create high – quality, attractive, successful books and subsidiary products, like audio books, e – books, art prints, marketing tools, and much more. My book consulting is customized to meet your needs, schedule and budget. It includes helping you learn the business of having your work published and widely distributed. I also assist in working with proven vendors (editors, typesetters, designers, printers, distributors, and others). And I help face challenges that have not yet been anticipated.
Finally, we provide promotions, including social media management and outreach to all types of media outlets.
Our standard consulting rates range between $1500 and $10,000 for a full project. We  work with you on a plan. For example, if you have a full manuscript that needs development; we could set a rate of $1,500 -- $500 upon a signed agreement; $500 after the first set of edits; and $500 for a completed manuscript. You can decide on other services, and we can negotiate those.
For the publishing services beyond editing, methods may include, but need not be limited to: face-to-face conferences, phone conferences, email correspondence, travel time, review of materials, research, and other investigation as appropriate for your project (for example, appropriate vendors).
I will provide you with an itemized account of work on your project on a monthly basis. Because of the ongoing nature of the publishing process, it is currently not possible to provide an accurate estimate of our total fee. In any event, we will do our utmost to make efficient use of our resources. I make referrals as part of the package and other vendor fees (printing, book cover, attorneys, etc. will be handled through those various contractors with my help and advice.)
We will use the CreateSpace platform. I will walk you through everything from setting up the account to formatting.
Social media, promotion and web design fees. Here is my price list.
My social media prices are very far below the market averages. SOURCE:
Maintaining Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and other promotion work, including bookmarks, business cards, flyers, setting up book signings, and writing copy for your sales platforms (Amazon,, Apple, etc.)  can be billed at a monthly fee.
Creating a website:  “A website is an affordable and effective way to create a professional image for your book.  With so many people using the Internet for business, communication and purchasing decisions, some sort of online presence is essential for the success of your book.  More specifically, a website is an affordable way to promote and distribute books.  A website also creates a sense of legitimacy for a potential reader.
Author Website fee: $1,500

I look forward to discussing this with you further.

************* Photo Credit By Destination8infinity (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons