An Amazing Day at AXS Leadership Retreat '16 in Cancun

The energy was high at General Session
Friday 3/4/16: AXS CEO Troy McClain and an all-star cast of speakers, motivators and trainers are making a miracle happen!

Many people are in Cancun for an event of a lifetime. How exciting it is to be at the place of the very roots of where our club began! Over the next few days, members are exposed to lots of great information that will be life-changing.

Check out some of today's highlights of this amazing experience at AXS '16 Leadership Retreat in Cancun, Mexico at Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort!

The mood is absolutely electric in this unparalleled community of like-minded individuals who nurture success.

Magic, love and posh atmosphere
Spirituality began the day at a Patenaude Sunrise Meditation Session. Next, health was manifested at Patenaude Warrior Fitness Express Workout. Then the Level VI Meeting set a tone for success. The Platinum and Sanctioned Speaker Meeting followed, bringing joy and wealthy vibrations. Members later mingled in the magic and posh atmosphere of the White Hot Party.

In the evening, the General Session raised the frequency for everyone!

Our private membership club was formed in November 2009, by a group of very successful people. The purpose of the club is to enable people to "Be, Do and Have" whatever they want in life. This a global club and has Members and Associates in more than 150 countries. In short, we are a very unique success club, unlike any club that has ever been formed before.

AXS faculty member Don Boyer said: 

Absorb all the energy, vibration and knowledge while you are there. I wanted to personally tell each of you that Melinda will be representing both of us in Cancun.  

As many of you know, last year, we launched production on a brand-new film called The Knowing. I am on the final deadline cuts and must finish the project this week, which means I am staying behind to complete my contractual, moral and ethical obligation on this film.
Everyone looked sharp at the White Hot Party
It is very hard for me to stay home and miss this event, but my energy is with you all and Melinda will be there in full-swing representing both of us. Make sure you track her down and give her a big hug.
I wanted to be the one to personally share this with each of you so that there is no misunderstanding why Melinda is there without me. Enjoy the event; your life will be changed forever. For all those who did not go to this event, make sure you stay plugged in and keep your fire burning red hot with excitement.

The family atmosphere is warm and inviting. People are enjoying beaches, boating, networking and all of the success workshops, meetings, music, dancing and world-class speakers. This event is bound to become a classic that will have wonderful ripple effects for years to come.

Check back here to follow the excitement all weekend!

Blaine Athorn Ignited the Platinum Meeting

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