Jonathan Warren and The Billy Goats "Bless My Soul" Released ‪in ‎Boise‬ Fri. Nov. 13

by Michael Strickland

Boise's music scene continues to grow more exciting. 

"Like a wandering mysterious traveller, Jonathan Warren & The Billy Goats don’t quite belong in country, or folk, nor alternative," writes Nanobot Rock Reviews,
"yet they spend their days smoothly passing through each, leaving an identifiable and memorable fusion of all.” 

My eyes lit up when I read the news that "Bless My Soul," the latest album from Jonathan Warren and The Billy Goats, will be released at the Visual Arts Collective ‪in ‎Boise‬ Fri. Nov. 13 at 7 p.m. 

Curtis  Sutton and The Scavengers will be special guests for support.  

As we examine the country roots in them: "What makes a great country song?" says Rolling Stone Magazine. "It tells a story. It draws a line. It has a twang you can feel down to the soles of your feet. Some get mad, some get weepy, some just get you down the road."

This band plays those kinds of songs. 

An article called "Jonathan Warren and the Billy Goats - Not Your Ordinary Backwoods Story," by Crandal Boudreaux, says:

If I were to tell you three things about Boise-based Americana band Jonathan Warren and the Billy Goats, you'd probably think I was simply tossing around some of the same old clichés we often hear about country, folk, or bluegrass music. Consider: The band only exists because someone's dog died, because Mel Bay wrote some very useful guitar books, and because a local Western-themed buffet restaurant provides good food at a reasonable price. Sound like some familiar themes?
But life and music ain't that simple, as you find out when you scratch the veneer off this band's story, listen to their tunes, and see them at work. That's when you find that Mr. Warren and his Billy Goats are anything but ordinary, and that they've got an honest, soulful sound that is well beyond their years.
A native of Knoxville, Tennessee, Jonathan Warren has an enviable beard, a dog named Cletus, and a predilection for "foot stompin' music that makes you want to eat a biscuit." There's nothing really unique about that, considering the description could fit a lot of folks in the part of the country where he grew up. But there's something different about this guy.

Jonathan Warren- vocals, guitar, upright bass

David Henry- vocals, cello, guitar

Austin Clark- violin

Boise Weekly said:

It took Jonathan Warren and the Billy Goats a full year to record their newest album, Bless My Soul. That's a drastic change in past recording timelines for the local folk/bluegrass band.
"Our last record, we recorded it in three days," said frontman Jonathan Warren. "Our first record, it took a few months. ... We used a more methodical approach [on Bless My Soul]. I had a vision for the album and stayed true to that vision. ... Less was left up to 'the moment.'"
The new album incorporates old-fashioned country-western complete with jovial piano keys and a rattling banjo, but stays true to the Billy Goats' raspy vocals and "psychobilly folk-grass."

Thank you for supporting local live music.: said Seth J Brown' of TO Entertain U, LLC.