Jennifer Levy Ignites the Boise Arts and Creative Scene

To love beauty is to see light,” wrote Victor Hugo. I have been fortunate to experience both the beauty and enduring light of one of Idaho’s top talents,  actress and model Jennifer Levy.

With so much talent around the Boise, Idaho arts and creative circles, it is lovely to see someone rise to the top and capture fans. Jennifer is igniting the scene!

Jennifer is classy, charming and fun. Look at her subtle, yet enticing smile. Now examine that healthy and lustrous hair. Her proportions are smooth, inviting and make her persona seem to call your name.

It's now wonder that Jennifer is so popular.

As you can imagine, Jennifer's resume is extensive. It includes work with Urban Talent Management (since 2006); Production crew with Clear As Mudd Films; Pre-Production crew with Rising Phoenix Studios; Calendar girl for Cruisn’ Biker wear 2015 & 2016 and 96.9 Eagle Rock girl 2015.

“MSG for bookings. I travel!” says this energetic star on her Facebook page.

I asked Jennifer to tell celebritiesandstars more about her work: “I was able to be a body double for Carbon, a short film, (Christian Lybrook) that won the short script competition last year at the Sun Valley film fest,” Jennifer said. “It will be showing there in March. We are also going to have the feature movie, The Bullet (Clear As Mudd Films, Matt Mudd) submitted for the Sun Valley festival in March too.”

This rising star was also director of photography, producer and played "Chloe" in the upcoming zombie film Project Fourteen from Clear As Mudd Films. Jennifer was the producer and played "Jo" in The Bullet. She has 4 credits now on imdb and is part of the pre-production crew for Rising Phoenix Studios. 

Jennifer has the poise and features of a runway model, the intelligence to be a great actress, the warmth to be a friend, and the confidence to be an ambassador to her community.

Special thanks go to Amanda Woods of Woods on Fire Innovative Beauty, Lenny Wheeler of Lenny Wheeler Photography ... for their classic work that helped create this miracle. "A thing of beauty is a joy for ever: Its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness," wrote John Keats in Endymion. Jennifer Levy is here to stay.

A great model will have something about them that no other model has. This quality is often described as a “unique flair.”

Read more about Jennifer and discover her wonderful uniqueness and at the following links.

Links of films, commercials Jennifer is working on or has been in:

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Follow the work of Jennifer Levy. You'll be glad you did.