The Cruisin Biker Wear 2016 Calendar Is Coming Soon!

Meridian, Idaho business promotes charity events and rides through FREE biker beauty calender 

Veronica Marie from the 2015 Calender
A picture of a motorcycle can bring to mind visions of being on the open road, wind screaming through your hair, tires eating up mile after mile of glorious asphalt. 

Imagine what you receive when you mix these experiences, feelings and visions with some of the most beautiful women in the west.

An all-star creative team including Amanda Woods of Woods on Fire Innovative Beauty, Photographer Lenny Wheeler and Crusin Biker Wear Owner Bree Walker is back with yet another legendary calendar.

Driven by sheer horsepower, their work reminds me of the art of Picasso, the poetry of Yeats and the music of Handel ... all in the backdrop of a classic James Dean-style attitude.

Last year'signing was legendary. You could feel the spirit throughout the room: the community, the beautiful women, the amazing motorcycles, the enthusiasm and fascinating stories from all the people who put this brilliant work of art together.     

In the Ballad of Easy Rider, the Byrds sang: The river flows / It flows to the sea / Wherever that river goes / That's where I want to be / Flow river flow / Let your waters wash down Take me from this road / To some other town. 

Let that town be Meridian Idaho as you visit Cruisin Biker Wear!

With Hair by Kristi Wherry, Wardrobe by Unique Irish, and Production Management by Tiffany Larocque Model/Actress And Production Management, Cruisin Biker Wear is the Treasure Valley's motorcyclist resource. Their annual calendar will come out again soon. The calendar is a celebration of the resilience of the human body and spirit. Each month features breathtaking, high-quality photographs of beautiful models on motorcycles. Each model and bike has a wonderful, inspiring story behind them.  

"The connection to place, to the land, the wind, the sun, stars, the moon... it sounds romantic, but it's true - the visceral experience of motion, of moving through time on some amazing machine - a few cars touch on it, but not too many compared to motorcycles. I always felt that any motorcycle journey was special."  - Antoine Predock
It's a beautiful weekend for a calendar production! Cruisin Biker Wear 2016 Calendar coming soon!
Posted by Tiffany LaRocque on Saturday, September 19, 2015
Bree said that her main goal is to bring the biker community together and to help those in need:

The rides that we put in the calendar are mostly rides for charity. We all raise a lot of money and are very passionate about helping our community whether it be for Vets, cancer etc. Getting the word out via the calendar and our website where we list all the upcoming rides and events, gets more bikers out to these events, which equals more money raised. And I can't say enough good things about Amanda Woods (mentioned above) Lenny of Lenny Wheeler Photography.  I couldn't have done this without their support! I feel very blessed to have the team I do!

Cruisin Biker Wear's calender also provides you with information about local events including bike rallies, toy runs, motorcycle events, poker runs, bike weeks and motorcycle rides.

Whether it's a ride to the mountains or a charity event, the Cruisin Biker Wear will give you the schedule on where and when to be for all the motorcycle action.

When the events are over, revisit the calender for fantastic photos of gorgeous biker women and beautiful bikes!


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