Meet "The Scotsman" Facilitator, Trainer and Business Coach Martin Pow

What do you get when you mix a kilt, the world's most prestigious accounting firm, and Mongolia?

Your answer: Martin Pow.

I first met Martin in September when he visited The McClain Companies to do some training.

Martin has visited many countries with his career working for British, American, Japanese and Canadian Global organizations. Martin returned in the summer of 2014 after working in Mongolia establishing a new Member Firm for Deloitte in a challenging and exciting emerging marketplace.

In one exercise, Martin asked the group to identify the best communicator in the room.

I was picked. Uh oh, I thought to myself.

He asked me to come in front of the room and handed me a long pole, one tht was used to find things and people in the snow after an avalanche.

Martin had me place the pole horizontally across my arms. He said: "Now, without changing the position of the pole, lower it to the floor." I did.

Next, he called up the whole team, about 6 or 7 of us, to line up with the pole, placed again horizontally, this time across all of our arms.

He told us all to lower it the the ground. It was a lot harder than we thought. It took a lot of communication and figuring things out. The path downward was not direct. For several minutes, the pole rested in place as we all kind of looked at it and each other and tred to figure out how to get us all to move at the same time.

Martin has a passion for facilitation, training and coaching others and uses his unique Scottish accent and style to gain trust and build relationships that are trustful and meaningful.

The Deloitte, Mongolia page from March 2014, says:

Congratulations Martin Pow Deloitte Onch's Partner, Enterprise Risk Management Learning Leader. Who just become 12th member of the National Academy Of Governance Mongolia.

Congratulations Martin Pow Deloitte Onch's Partner, Enterprise Risk Management Learning Leader. Who just become 12th member of the National Academy Of Governance Mongolia.
Posted by Deloitte, Mongolia on Thursday, March 13, 2014
Martin is the Deputy Leader for the Enterprise Risk Canadian team for evolving and establishing Risk Management and Quality Improvement across the Canada Deloitte Practices and is known as a leading Executive “facilitator” for risk management and Internal Audit sessions across Canada.

Martin also heads up the Canadian Deloitte Learning and Leadership Academy which provides training and facilitation services to Clients. Martin brings significant risk management and Internal Audit experience from senior roles with global organizations such as Standard Life, where he spent 15 years in the UK including roles as a data center operations manager and IT auditor; Citibank, where he was responsible for their EMEA IT internal audit function; and as the Global IT Auditor for Fuji bank’s global operations.

Martin briefly held the position of Global Head of Internal Audit and advisory services for Placer Dome until they were acquired by Barrick Gold and then returned back to Deloitte in a more senior role. Martin has been a presenter at numerous conferences.
An example of some of the vast topics Martin covers can be found at a 2011 symposium in Vancouver called: Risk Assessment Workshops - Reaching Consensus.

Here is a sample of discussions covered: Risk Assessment & Treatment • Linking the steps in the risk assessment process • Conduct a risk interview before a workshop • Develop risk statements • Understand the steps in planning and delivering a risk workshop • Establish a Likelihood and Consequence matrix • Risk Identification • Mechanisms for Gathering Risks • Conducting Risk-based Interviews • Preparing Risk Statements • Risk Analysis • Likelihood & Consequence Matrices • Prioritizing risks • The Risk workshop • Objectives of a risk workshop • When to hold them • Who should be represented • How long should they be • What are the outcomes • Risk Evaluation • Risk Tolerance • Review of Controls • Risk Treatment • Mechanisms to Treat Risk • Controls and Countermeasures • Facilitator “Magic” • Adult learning • Role of the facilitator • Facilitator challenges & solutions • Evaluations • Preparations •  Tools and Tips