Great reviews for Dr. Tammie Barrett a Chiropractor and Member of the Global Information Network

Tammie Barrett is an incredible person and has become a treasured friend because of the Global Information network, writes Greg Rhodes, a Level VI executive member.

According to, Dr. Tammie Barrett is a female chiropractor with expertise in general treatment. She practices in Sydney Austrailia.

Greg said that his family has been using Tammie as a Practicioner for some time and that "the impact she has had on the entire family is magical."

Below are some reviews of Tammie from

Very professional service. Absolute depth of knowledge, and time to discuss with you in a layman type of language,that you are able to absorb.
Lovely, helpful and caring doctor took the time to find the root of the problem and help with solutions to underlying issues.
Tammie is great with children, listens to all concerns and gives fantastic general health advice as well as being an excellent chiropractor. I love that she is so dedicated to her work and particularly loves treating children.

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