Author Karen Marie: And What I Learned About 68 Seconds of Positive Focus

It takes just 17 seconds of focused and pure thought to bring about manifestations. I first learned this concept from the Global Information Network while communication with staff at their Boise, Idaho Headquarters.

The team also made me aware that  17 seconds can be expanded to 68 seconds to create a bigger miracle.

Since this was so fascinating, I looked to see if any books had been writter on the subject. Sure enough, I found this one: The 68 Second Spark: shift your focus, shift your life, published August 18, 2015 by Karen Marie (Author).

Marie says:

Sixty-eight seconds isn’t a lot of time but add lazar focus to something you desire and those sixty-eight seconds can change your life. If you are wanting something that you feel is out of your reach, try the process laid out for you in The 68 Second Spark and you may miraculously find it showing up in your life. Simple steps are clearly laid out including all the elements necessary in this short, simple book that Karen has used time and time again to bring desired changes, items, and outcomes into her life and she has helped others do the same. You too can have success with this process!

#LawsOfAttraction "It takes just 17 seconds of focused and pure thought to bring about manifestations and amazing gifts...
Posted by Michael Strickland on Monday, September 14, 2015