Video by Idaho-based Team Receives Scores of Telly Award Votes

Peppershock Corporate Headquaters in Nampa, Idaho
EDITOR'S NOTE: This article I wrote was originally published on the now defunct Yahoo Voices on 3/25/13

I met Rhea Allen several years ago while making the circuit of volunteer events around Southern Idaho. Wherever a good cause was to be found, this energetic servant was also to be found.

So I was not surprised that when the time has come for accolades, one of her media ventures is at the top of the list: Check out their latest TV spot. The clip is up for the People's Choice Award in the Telly Awards competition. It turned out to be very popular in the voting period which was recently completed on YouTube.

Co-producers Rhea and Drew Allen deserve the recognition. Their business model puts community service first. They have championed and promoted good causes for Idaho communities, for many years.

I am always pleased to share the work of Allen's company, Peppershock Media Productions, with my communications students. The team produces valuable examples of the principles of persuasion and mass media that I try to get across in my courses. The best demonstration comes from their fresh marketing strategy and up-to-date production tools and techniques. This fosters a positive environment that is creative, supportive and allows for constructive feedback and professional growth for all involved.

Peppershock CEO Rhea Allen
"The objectives of Peppershock are to generate a profit, grow at a manageable rate, and to be of good service to our clients and our community," Allen said.

Creative teamwork is a concept that Allen takes very seriously. "We take pride in our service-oriented reputation, the role we play in the development of our employees and interns utilizing continuous improvement, progressive ideals and our community involvement," she said.

I love the way that Allen and her team combine their knowledge and expertise in marketing strategy with creative production. For anyone interested in visual media, they are a great example of how to create messaging that gets results.

That is part of the reason why their video for the Telly award received my vote!