Leaders in Change and Innovation: Brett Labit of Local Impact Zone

Why I Love Networking

There is something about the energy, the people, the multiple learning experiences, and the overall fun of networking events that has had me hooked on them for years. And in our increasingly global society, I had been seeking out ways to connect that went beyond mere gatherings.

Brett Labit on Networking

That is why Brett Labit of Local Impact Zone (LIZ) has rapidly become my favorite networking guru. His messages and trainings are packed with insightful and useful ideas, like this one from his blog:
Be a connector of People -It is more important that you take the time and energy at an event to introduce and edify people to others. In order to do this properly, you really need to know the positive attributes of the person you are introducing ... The group will begin to respect and appreciate you. This also begins the process of trust and we can all agree that trust is a key ingredient to earning clients. - Brett Labit in Keys to Networking #1 The Power is in the Seed not the Sower.

Why Brett and LIZ Matter

Change is inevitable. But some people sit back and let changes take them places. Others adapt to the change. However, people at the highest level lead the change. This article is the first in a series about leaders in change and innovation.
Brett is one such leader.

How I Met LIZ

I was first introduced to LIZ many months ago at their power breakfasts in Nampa and Boise, Idaho. Since then, the operation has gone international. Darwin said that survival of the fittest applies to those who are most adaptable to change. But what about those who don't merely seek to survive? Picture a small business owner with a family, whose desire is to thrive.

Featured on Huffington Post Blog

"With more and more people building lives and careers away from their hometown, city or country, people are turning to networking as a way to build new communities of support, family and inspiration, writes Julie Barnes in a Huffington Post article called "The Evolution of Business Networking." "I recently heard Brett Labit speak on this very topic. Brett is the founder of Local Impact Zone, whose mission is to create unified communities where giving, serving and caring are at the core of interaction."

Why This Innovation Matters

To remain competitive in today’s fast-changing markets, all businesses need to be innovative. Simply developing new technologies into new products or services is not enough. New models are needed for doing business in the face of change. Labit and LIZ change the rules of the game. They are a complete social community designed to help entrepreneurs and professionals grow their business. By participating in many of their free experiences, I have seen how this strategy for success is powerful and effective.

Advice From The Networking Guru

"It is better to give than to receive but receiving is necessary in order for someone else to have the opportunity to give," writes Brett in a blog entry called What We learned about the Law of Reciprocity. "In order to receive a quantum exponential effect to your business and life from a Power Network, you have to embrace the perspective, needs and philosophies of THE POWER NETWORK. It will not work if everyone takes and no one gives."

The Creativity Age

For example, the buzz around LIZ circles in which I have been included suggests a myriad of creative ways for businesses to get ahead. I'm a participant in their online community which hosts discussions, groups, member profiles, and other resources. On the site, I was recently pointed to an article by Dan Coughlin of TheLadders.com who said:

The world has evolved from the Stone Age to the Agricultural Age to the Industrial Age to the Information Age to the Creativity Age. This era is relatively new. It began with the proliferation of the Internet and e-mail and has gained speed ever since with technologies that have connected people all over the world and given people the opportunities to do things they could never have done before. The Creativity Age caused massive upheaval for many organizations and individuals and shut down many businesses. It certainly upended many people’s otherwise wonderful careers. It cut across national borders, shrunk the planet, and changed how organizations and individuals interact with each other. It also created enormous opportunities for people all over the world… …and the crazy thing is its impact is only going to get bigger and biggervalue creation and value enhancement.

Enhancing Value

LIZ Social Marketplace puts businesses in a position to create and enhance value to the extent they choose. It was great to start of this Leaders in Change and Innovation series with a deep thinker like Brett, who also has a long track record of success in helping others.


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