Shirley Ringo is is running for Congress to be a voice for Idaho’s working families in Washington, D.C.

Shirley Ringo is a retired public school teacher now finishing her 14th year representing the people of Moscow in the Idaho House of Representatives. She is running for Congress to be a voice for Idaho’s working families in Washington, D.C., and to restore responsible leadership to the House of Representatives. 

Shirley is a teacher, an organizer, a public servant, and a proud Idahoan. Shirley's values are Idaho's values. Give everyone a shot at the American Dream. Reward hard work. Build an economy that's fair and lifts everyone up. Insist on accountability in government. And protect Idaho, the best place on earth, for future generations.

Shirley's a leader for all of Idaho. After 14 years in the Idaho House, her colleagues chose her to co-chair the Joint Legislative Oversight Committee -- even though she's a bright-blue Democrat in a deep-red state.

In my latest blog, Shirley takes the lead: Election 2014: Shirley Ringo Points Out Labrador's Severe Flaws.

There is also the glaring fact that Conngressman Labrador Agrees: Americans Don't Know What Republicans Stand For.

Therefore, Shirley Ringo will give Raul Labrador a Real Fight.

The doublespeak being spewed by her opponent, Raul Labrador, is bad for Idaho.  In 2011, Congressman Labrador cosponsored legislation that would direct the Department of Defense to transfer at least 10% of eligible military equipment to state agencies including a drone called the MQ-9 Reaper.

And in September, Democratic Congressman Hank Johnson (GA) introduced legislation called the Stop Militarizing Law Enforcement Act after the horrific violence witnessed in Ferguson, Missouri. Congressman Labrador is a cosponsor on the bill.

“In an act of political expediency, Congressman Labrador has demonstrated what he will do get elected. One year he cosponsors legislation to arm law enforcement agencies with tactical military equipment like missile firing drones, and this year he cosponsors legislation to limit access to tactical equipment,” Shirley said. “He either has truly changed his views or he is playing politics.”

“I must point out that the legislation was penned by a Democrat, who had the foresight to seek
bipartisan cooperation,” Shirley said. “The leadership shown by Congressman Johnson is what Idaho needs. I support the Stop Militarizing Law Enforcement Act, and I bring will high quality ideas to Washington D.C. and provide for bipartisan collaboration.”

Congressman Raúl Labrador is pursuing an extreme agenda, chasing the national media spotlight, instead of focusing on the challenges of Idaho's working families. Let's send Shirley to Congress, and send Raúl packing. The only way to do that is with an outpouring of grassroots support. It starts with you.

(Questions? Contact the Ringo campaign at 208-301-2272.)