BREAKING: Book Release Party for Story about Historic Redwood Grill in Baltimore on October 15!

How many of y'all remember the Redwood Grill, the downtown Baltimore restaurant and nightlife spot owned by three fun loving and ambitious brothers, Antonio Rod Womack, Cleveland Jarrett and Edwin Avent during the late 90's. If you're like many people, you had a good time and created lots of memories!

Now, Womack, has written a book about "The Grill" called "Redwood" that's sure to become a best seller. He's having a book release party on October 15, 2014 at the Frederick Douglas Isaac Myers Museum, 1417 Thames Street, Baltimore, MD 21231 from 6-9 pm.
"Come out and join us!" they say. "Lets reminisce and have a good time! But before you do that post your best Redwood Grill memory below and/or tell me who should play me in the movie...LOL! See you at the party!"

Redwood is a gripping true story of a once successful and popular Baltimore restaurant known for its great cuisine, vivacious musical entertainment, radiant atmosphere, and lavish celebrity events. So what happened to the Redwood Grill? What caused its demise? The book dives into the incredible story of three young entrepreneurs who bought the business and worked tirelessly to make this restaurant the pinnacle dining experience.

The story takes many twists and turns, leading the owners through a maze of surreal challenges along the way. The conflict intensifies when they discover that they've been employing a serial killer.
A. Rod Womack

The journey is riveted with humor, intrigue, mystery, conflict, relationship, drama, and many takeaways for future restaurateurs. Just as the dust seemed to settle the entrepreneurs were challenged again by a charming and charismatic con-artist.

A. Rod Womack is a talented writer whose motivation and passion for storytelling distinguishes him from many of his contemporaries. Redwood is his first book. A. Rod co-owned his first company at 18 years old. His entrepreneurial experience spans numerous industries including; restaurants, real estate development, construction, concert promotions, and more.

 In 2010 he left the private sector and worked as a Business Liaison for Baltimore City Schools and was later appointed Managing Director of Food and Nutrition for Baltimore City Schools. His many years of experience as an entrepreneur, combined with his fascinating life experiences, bring an uncommon thread of realism to his material. His writing style has been called “uniquely visceral”. Womack’s love of writing has led him to the development of his next intriguing book entitled “Central Office”; which he promises will leave his readers craving for more.

Womack holds a B.A. Degree in Philosophy from University of Maryland Baltimore County.