Why You Should Vote for Tom Dale for Canyon County, Idaho Commisioner

by Michael Strickland

Here are some reasons why Tom Dale is the right pick for Canyon County Commisioner.

"Fiscal Conservative."  What does it mean in reality?  It is not simply reducing services as a means of lowering taxes.  It means taking care of business in a responsible, sustainable fashion.  It means anticipating future needs and making provision to meet them in a timely fashion.

 Regarding the county jail - his opponent has stated; "Well the voters voted down a new jail- they don't want it so that's that..."  It seems in her mind since the commissioners' $70 million jail proposal was rejected the jail overcrowding problems can be dismissed.  We are turning people loose who should be held longer to serve their time, based only on the fact we don't have room for them.  We are paying other county jails to hold Canyon County's prisoners because we can't.  This is not fiscal conservatism, it is Fiscal Foolishness.

We have no space in the old jail for rehabilitative counseling services.  We are turning people loose after serving their time without the benefit of counseling that could help change the behavior that got them into trouble.  Fiscal Foolishness.

Meet With Tom Dale

Canyon County Commissioner candidate Tom Dale would like to meet the people of Canyon County to hear their thoughts, concerns, ideas, and answer questions they might have.

What: Meet With Tom Dale in Nampa
When: Thursday, May 1, 2014
Time: 4:30-5:45 PM
Where: First Presbyterian Church
400 Lake Lowell Ave., Nampa

Light refreshments will be served. 
Commissioners purchased land on Nampa Caldwell Blvd. as a site for a new jail, then sold it.  They then purchased land west of Caldwell as a site, without first creating a plan, and are now proposing to sell it at a loss to taxpayers.  Fiscal Foolishness.

Let's look at the operation of the County landfill.  Due to commissioners' refusal to accept bio-solids from Canyon County cities, county residents who live in a city with a wastewater treatment facility are being forced to pay more every month on their sewer bills. This is because they are being forced to pay for trucks and drivers to haul the material all the way to Mountain Home, then pay Elmore County to take care of it.  Is this a dangerous or extremely difficult material to deal with? No.  It could easily be handled at the Pickles Butte facility, creating a revenue steam for the county, and saving county taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars by virtue of a much shorter haul.  Current practice - Fiscal Foolishness.

Tom's opponent 
has said in budget hearings that they get 200,000 miles out of their farm vehicles, so why can't the sheriff patrol cars go that long?  Good fleet management policies determine that at a certain point in a vehicle's service life, it costs more to maintain that vehicle than it is worth.  Conservative fiscal policy replaces vehicles before they reach that point.  It's Fiscal Foolishness to keep county vehicles too long. 

Great ideas like these are in line with Tom Dale's approach. 

That is why he is the best pick.

Read more at http://www.tomdale.us/