Doctor helps people maximize their sexual experience and takes the ‘Sleaze’ out of shopping experience

“I help people maximize their sexual experience. I’ve created a Store with items real people can benefit from. My commitment is to take the ‘Sleaze’ out of your shopping experience and shop quality items from home.” - Dr. Cherese Severson

Now you can better understand healthy sexuality and shop for quality items from home.

I met Dr. Cherise Severson years ago and was instantly impressed with her professional manner and rofound medical knowledge. Her research is widely acclaimed across the nation.


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We can learn more about healthy sexuality through discovering what popular therapists, writers, and sexual health advocates have said about it. Below is an excerpt from: Introduction to “Real Talk . . . Real Medicine!” ... With Dan Tarter and Dr. Cherese Severson:
Welcome to the inaugural blog of Real Talk. . .Real Medicine! This is the place where we talk in very real terms about sexual health. I’m Dan, I keep the “talk” real . . .and I’m Cherese, I am your medical expert with real answers to your questions regarding sex. Dan and I came up with this idea just shortly after we started dating. I was telling him how many patients come to me in my primary care practice with issues regarding sexuality, sexual intercourse and intimacy. Many times, I would recommend products at the local adult store to help couples with a sexual issue. The patients would thank me for the information but upon follow-up when I’d ask them how they were doing many would say “Dr. Severson! I couldn’t go in that store! Someone might see me!” Others would say something along the lines of, “I can’t believe lubricant of all things has changed my marriage!”
Clearly there is a need as well as stigma surrounding patronage at an adult store. After going to the store on behalf of my patients who were too uncomfortable to go themselves, Dan the business guy suggested we find a way to get products to patients in a more private and yet professional manner. Thus the Real Talk . . .Real Medicine online Store and Blog were born!
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I highly recommend looking into Dr. Severson's work for anyone who wants to improve their sex life, marriage, relationships, or overall health.

"Only the united beat of sex and heart together can create ecstacy." –Anais Nin