Free Class TODAY by Aspen Morrow: The Happiness Edge: Live Longer. Live Healthier. Make More $

I always love attending events run by Aspen Morrow. 

"Blame it on Your Brain: Control your brain, create your success". 

Did you know HAPPY people make 30% more $, live 35% longer, and are less likely to get Cancer and other illnesses? writes Morrow, President of Aspen Consulting & Associates: the ID THEFT experts and a Group Benefits Director at LegalShield.

But what do you do if your brain just doesn't tune in to that "happiness frequency" easily? she adds.

Below are some of the ideas that will be explored at her FREE class this morning.

Morrow said that she hears from business colleagues all the time that they just can't seem to get out of their own heads.

So How do you control your thoughts if your brain seems to control you?

TODAY from 9:00 a.m. to 11 a.m.At the Icon Credit Union 485 W Overland Rd, Meridian, Idaho *NOTE: PLEASE park in the Lowe's or WalMart parking lot  ... CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO and to RSVP. 

What if you Are Depressed?

What if you are naturally a negative person?

What happens when you have heard it all a hundred times that thoughts are things, but you just can't seem to control your thoughts?

What about that problem that keeps playing through your head like a broken record?

You may be able to blame it on your Brain.

Aspen Morrow
In her class, participants will:

1. Actually Test which areas of your brain may be stuck. This is NOT just another personality profile exercise.

2. Write our own "prescriptions" for fixing our brains

3. Learn tools and resources based on the Med Free Method(TM) for Brain Balancing, and how MOTIVATION is actually a PLACE in your brain and can be turned ON!

4. Take away definitive action steps that will: Improve memory, improve positive thinking, and jump-start happiness on a brain-chemical level.

5. Learn why NO amount of personal development classes can improve thinking when the brain is STUCK on negative or bad memory loops, or addiction, depression, or more serious issues. (Like if you have a deep limbic brain issue!)

6. Learn how to improve your home, reduce domestic disputes, calm sibling rivalry, and ENJOY MORE CALM< COPING< and CLARITY in life.

This is Not just another "Think and Grow Rich" class.

If you have ever envied someone for their HAPPY outlook, positive demeanor, self-motivation, and how easily they attract success, then this is the class that will throw back the Wizard's curtain.