Americus Dotter: A name that everyone in the mental health field should know


Americus Dotter's Story

 Jennifer Lahl—Eggsploitation Executive Producer, Director, and Writer—interviews a woman whose mental health suffered in the wake of selling her eggs.

Jennifer Lahl: Why did you decide to be an egg donor? for a journey you will never forget.

 Americus Dotter*: I first heard of egg donation while living in McCall, Idaho. I was approached by an acquaintance that felt I was a good candidate. She would receive a bonus if I had a successful retrieval. I had just had my first child and was so in love with my new baby that I felt terrible for women that could not have that experience. The process appealed to me even before I knew that I would be paid compensation. I feel very glad that I did not just get into it for the money, as I am sure many young women do. The thought of helping someone out was its own reward.

 JL: How many times did you donate (sell) your eggs?

 AD: I donated a total of 8 times over the next ten years and had two more of my own children between cycles.

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