First time in Boise: The Weekenders are a raw rock n’ roll band

You may not have heard of The Weekenders yet... that's because it's their first time in Boise!" writes Seth J. Brown.

The Weekenders are a raw rock n’ roll band.

Boasting a sound hearkening back to the days when Rock N’ Roll legends reigned supreme over the radio waves, Salt Lake City-based The Weekenders aren’t in the business of treading lightly.

The fuzz laden four piece, led by guitarist/vocalist Rob Reinfurt’s gritty yet soulful voice, has honed a collective ability to craft tunes that are just as home in today’s rock revival as they would be in 1970 Detroit.
"I could easily describe their music by comparing them to every psychedelic band from the seventies with touches of early grunge. But, a better description would be to say that they are a band with no limitations. A band that lays it all on the line with no reserves both musically and lyrically."

- Indie Music Reviewer

Check out their music online now... it RAWks!!!!

See them LIVE at Liquid 4 FREE on Thurs. 10/17/13 at 10PM
presented by TO Entertain U, LLC