Fans React to Boise State's Loss to Washington

"After a loss in a sporting event some people think, "who cares, its just a game," a friend wrote on his facebook page. "But for those that are die hard fans, a loss, especially like the one last night in Seattle, can be emotionally deflating. Those that don't get it, never will and should stop trying to minimize it."

Keith Price threw a pair of third-quarter touchdown passes to become Washington's all-time leader, while the team returned to renovated Husky Stadium with a stunning 38-6 win over No. 19 Boise State on Saturday.

It was a rematch of last December's Las Vegas Bowl where Price was intercepted on Washington's final drive and Boise State held on for a 28-26 victory. The Huskies had eight months to simmer about the late loss that left them with a 7-6 record for the third straight season. Coupled with the Huskies playing in their palatial new $280 million home for the first time in nearly two calendar years, the Broncos were already facing a difficult task.

But Boise State was left gassed defensively trying to keep up with Washington's new fast break offense. Saturday Price was intercepted on his first pass in the Huskies newly renovated home on the shores of Lake Washington. And he was nearly perfect from there, the first step in putting a disappointing 2012 season in the past.

Here are some fan reactions from around the net:

  •  Failure is necessary to achieve greatness.

  • Maybe it's attitudes like (the one at the beginning of this blog), that cause 48 of 50 states to have their highest paid people be coaches instead of teachers & professors. It's just a game. An important game? Sure. But at the end of the day, it's a dang game.
  • There will b a few more losses like that on your schedule. So I think it's time for u to put the mighty blue and orange in your dresser and starting rooting for a team that has a chance to do something special. Broncos run is finally over your era of consecutive winning seasons has come to end. It's time to move on.
  •  I don't want anyone to stop feeling the things that are real to them. God knows I have passions some people don't understand. But I do suggest that your statement is borderline fanatic, and fanaticism about anything is not a normal, healthy state. Think about taking a deep breath and putting your fandom in perspective to things like your kids, hungry people, etc. From fanatic to dedicated fan is a nice idea. IMHO.

  • Having emotional distress from living vicariously isn't exactly...uh...healthy. It's a game, a game you have no active part in, no real role per se. If you can be depressed because someone didn't move an air-filled leather bag around the way you were hoping, you may need to address priorities.

    On the Idaho Statesman site, Classof 68 said:

    Did anyone notice that Southwick's eyes never left Boldewin on the pass into the end zone, that it was a flat pass that a shorter defender had no trouble batting away when he should haft lofted it, and that the WR on the left was wide open at the left post.  How many of his passes were to the back shoulder or behind the receiver? Petersen likes the 60% completion but he was at 75% in the first half. The 60% came from passes behind the line of scrimmage. Southwick is mediocre, but he is doing the best he can.  Don't blame him; Petersen's stubbornness is the problem. His loyalty to Prince and Southwick is admirable, but Boise State is a dull watch. Better to try to be the old Boise State than to be timid. Keeping Southwick and Prince is playing not to be embarrased, but that didn't work did it?

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