The Story of the Stevie K. Show

One of the most compelling celebrity stories in recent memory orginated in the Boise, Idaho area.

Stevie K. launched a weekend talk show in 2012 in a market that had no local talk shows.  Known then as Treasure Valley View, the show became an instant success and featured interviews with American Idol star, Kimberly Locke and Sons of Anarchy star Christopher Reed aka "Filthy Phil" and internationally known DNA Expert Greg Hampikian, PhD. The Stevie K. Show has consistently risen in viewership week after week and received widespread praise from guests and viewers, alike. Stevie K. is best known for her continued efforts to bring awareness to local events and charities, getting involved in philanthropic organizations, as well as her positive and comedic anecdotes while bantering with her fashion director Joseph Squellati and other Celebrity Guest Co Host.

The Show was broadcast from KTRV Studios in Nampa, Idaho and celebrated Stevie K.'s first Christmas in December by giving away FREE gifts and a car to each of the studio audience. (Hey, they were matchbox cars, but it was her first Christmas.. what did you expect?) She was been asked to produce a show for the CW in the Reno, Nevada & Colorado Springs, CO market and will make the debut in July of 2013, moving very quickly to their next demographic of the Bay Area through Comcast NBC and the entire state of California through AT&T U Verse. The Stevie K. Show, a nationally syndicated television show is well on its way to being one of the biggest daytime talk shows in America, and positioning itself with the ION network in the fall of 2013.

Stephanie "Stevie" Kellum has been lead to the forefront of daytime television with the help of Executive Producer, Kevin Kellum and Director John Pocino, a twenty-five year veteran in television production. The entire shows concept was formulated with viewers need for opportunity and options in mind.

Creating a nationally syndicated, daytime talk show that met the needs for viewers looking for answers or opportunity was the single driving force for the small team out of Idaho. The fever for positive television (Opportunity News Network) has caught on and taken this small, local television show NATION WIDE! Together with great people, great businesses and great ideas.

Pull the beautiful, heavy curtains back and catch a glimpse of a miracle in the making. You are now are an exclusive member of the Stevie K. Project, which was picked up by the CW channel. We are thrilled to have you as a part of our journey, this reality show is a true depiction of what goes into the making of an EMPIRE; starting from the kitchen table in a rental in the suburbs of Nevada.

Follow this bold and very talented team of dreamers as they expose said dreams and fears to the city that opened their arms for a loving embrace. Be a part of their contract negotiations with celebrities, artists and authors, and the local businesses wanting to be a part of the Stevie K. Show; follow the caffeine highs and lows as the Fashion Director initiates the launch of his new fashion line while trying to keep Stevie from overdosing on her love of stilettos while she negotiates real estate deals for the new studio already being designed and walking the carpet, stopping to strike a pose for the paparazzi. None of this could be managed without the love, support and scolding from the Executive Director and husband of Stevie K., you will soon come to love and route for him as he has the most important position on this very high energy reality show, managing the Stevie K. Project. 


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