R&B singer/songwriter Amy Alida stands "Out from the shadows."

"Out from the shadows I stand, I know I gotta take this chance. This one right here, is for all of those who believed in me," proclaims R&B singer/songwriter Amy Alida.

Managed by Darian Fox Music,  Amy is passionate about the music she writes and sings; she wants to make a change with her music.

This very special voice and presence writes music from her own experiences and the way she sees the world. She has been writing music since she was 14 and has been singing for as long as she can remember, according to Darian Fox Music CEO, Kevin C. Kellum.  Amy began recording at 15 and has performed at many benefit performances.

Amy is rapidly making name for herself in the category of "Singers You Need to Know About." Kellum has made it clear that his label has big plans for Amy and her distinct vocal qualities and pivoting beats,  which are wrapped up in a dreamlike, ethereal persona.

A student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, she is a First Wave Hip Hop Scholar. Along with song writing, Amy is also a spoken word poet. She is most influenced musically by Alicia Keys, Emeli Sande and India.Arie. Personally, Amy is primarily influenced  by her mother.

Amy Alida would like to thank her fans, old and new, for the incredible support and for always believing in her. Whether it is through music or poetry, her number one goal is to make a difference with her voice.

She’ll probably grace the cover of many top music industry magazines within six months, so name drop her now for instant kudos.

For more information, including songs, videos, fan interaction, photos and updates ... See: http://www.reverbnation.com/amyalida