Kevin Kellum: "Friend of The Stevie K. Show needs your help, please vote for Wish Granters!"

Kevin C. Kellum
Much has been written here at CelebritiesandStars about the Stevie K. Show.

And this is just in from the facebook page of Kevin C. Kellum, Executive Producer/Director at The Stevie K. Show, CEO & Founder at Darian Fox Music and CEO / Hospitality Consultant at Darian Fox Restaurants:

"A friend of The Stevie K. Show needs your help, please vote for Wish Granters!"

Kevin posted a link to the page which reveals:

 Alright Boise... Based on your comments, votes and direct messages we received, these are the top 3 local charities in the running for our Corks For Community fund of $3,000! We are very excited to be able to donate to a worthy local cause, but which one depends on you. Be sure to vote below and share this page as many times as possible so each organization gets the most exposure! Final tally will be announced June 21st. #Loyal2Local 

Have you caught the Stevie K. Show yet?

Stevie K. is Americas talk show host willing to share her experience's with mental dis-ease! If you are willing, you CAN be prescription FREE!

For more information on  Stevie's mental health journey, or to share your own, check out this show at and experience  Genuine.LOCAL.Relationships being built on a global foundation. The Stevie K. Show has one mission, to lovingly offer opportunities and options to those who are seeking them from a trusted member of their community.

The Stevie K. Show, a nationally syndicated television show is well on its way to being one of the biggest daytime talk shows in America, airing on the CW Network and positioning itself with ION Television in the fall of 2013.

Stephanie "Stevie K" Kellum has been lead to the forefront of daytime television with the help of Executive Producer, Kevin Kellum & a team of industry professionals. The entire show is 100% positive and the concept was formulated with the viewers need for opportunity and options in mind. 

Creating a nationally syndicated, daytime talk show that met the needs for viewers looking for answers or opportunity was the single driving force for the small team starting out in Idaho and now across the country. The fever for positive television has caught on and taken this small, local television show NATION WIDE! Together with great people, great businesses and great ideas we are growing!

Viewers can currently watch The Stevie K. Show on the CW Network in the Reno, NV demographic on Channels 6, 27.2, 46 or 41 'rabbit ears' and coming to Colorado Springs Market on Channel 21 in July.

Check out  The Stevie K. Show on Facebook.