What Movie Directors James Cameron, Peter Jackson, and Nick Cassavetes Mean to Me

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Raising small children has taken away most of my movie time in recent years. Films like Tinkerbell: The Great Adventure or High School Musical are most likely to grace our living room bigscreen on any given night. But a new laptop that a friend gave me has helped me rediscover a love for movies. Here are three directors that have made me fall in love with movies once again.

James Cameron, director of Titanic (1997) andAvatar (2009) directed movies that have you coming back to the film more than once. The intensity in each of these films are seen in the close-ups and the various angles that at times have you feeling either oppressive or vulnerable. His films are timeless, classic pieces.

Peter Jackson, most famously known for directing Lord of The Rings is a new director who's work I have fallen in love with. It took about 8 years for him to complete this movie and the importance for me in that creation is that the director had a vision and followed through with his vision at all costs (with one of the highest overall film budgets of about $283 million). The attention to detail and the directing of this film became clear as the movie unfolded. And I absolutely loved the camera tricks.

In filming a lot of the scenes with multiple people, the director actually took one day filming the entire scene with one character. Then he would take another entire day filming the same scene with a different character. Now that is dedication!

Nick Cassavetes is another great director, one who made The Notebook one of my all-time favorites. This movie is one I have watched over ten times. In the director's comments, viewers are enlightened to his intensive process of character selection and how important that was to making this movie so great. Love is such a fundamental of our lives and this movie can beautifully speak to so many people on so many different levels. Cassavetes' directing made this love story magical!

With my girls' shows on in the background, the work of these directors fills my laptop screen and enhances my appreciation of movies. I marvel at the process that directors go through and how really their creations can leave imprints in our minds, hearts and lives.