Miss Idaho Jr., High School & Collegiate America Scholarship Pageant at Nampa Civic Center Highlights Young Contestants

Mrs. Boise 2010 Lindsay Campbell with her husband Ed
I am asking all my friends to buy tickets to Madi's upcoming pageant on March 8, at the Nampa Civic Center, starting at 7 p.m. ($15 now or $20 at the door). When I was competing myself, the friends and family in the audience was phenomenal, to hear everyone screaming, hollering and yelling for me, made my night...not the judges, or the dress, or anything, but my friends! I want Madison to have this same experience!!! I have them so hit me up to purchase and help me help support my little one!
The words above are from the Facebook page of Mrs. Boise 2010, Lindsay Campbell. And they are a great example of good parenting. Her daughter is participating in the  Miss Idaho Jr., High School & Collegiate America Scholarship Pageant.

While I read Lindsay's request I was reminded of my previous blog entry on this topic, Mrs. Idaho United States Pageant Provides Positive Role Models for Girls,  in which I wrote:

Having been a pageant fan for years, following some of Idaho's top winners, including Lindsay Campbell and Christy Coburn Stansell, I decided to take a look at what experts say about the benefits of such competitions. According to pageant expert and personal development coach RhondaShappert, these benefits include: recognition for hard work; personal development (understanding strengths, values, likes, dislikes, beliefs, and personality style); communication skills (including meaningful face-to-face presence in the age of Facebook); building  confidence, facing ones fears through the interview process -- to the big stage-- to talking to people all over the state and nation; and handling stress, pressure and disappointment.

My girls and I will be headed to the Nampa Civic Center on Friday to join in this wonderful family scene.