Yung Verb: Perseverance is everything - Success is the only option.

There's only one word to sum up the artist Yung Verb. PASSIONATE," writes Maya Reneé,   Operations Coordinator at Business Psychology Associates, Excellence in Mind.

Verb was introduced to his love at just 4 years old. Verb was obsessed with his microphone and tape deck given to him as a gift by his parents, according to his Facebook profile.

This talented musician and producer grew up facing struggles and hardships that are synonymous to many rap artists. Verb found amity in his music. He was able to release all the strain he was constantly enduring with his music.

Locked down by the endless pressure of hustling, Verb found his freedom in his music. He maintained strong influences such as his father, Michael Jordan and Muhammad Ali, mostly because of their character. Verb focused on his art and worked hard to block out the negativity he was surrounded by. He kept faith in God and ignored the naysayers that worked so hard to keep him down.

Verb lives up to his name perfectly. He is known for making moves and it is evident by the production of his grind. Verb has never waited for handouts he is a deep believer in going out and getting what belongs to you. Verb has become a well-known name and has secured a loyal and impressive fan base in the Northwest. Verb's passion for life is felt in his music. He measures his success by the mountains that he conquers on this rough journey called life. Those times when the world is sitting on his shoulders Verb knows that giving in is not a choice.

To this artist: "Perseverance is everything ... and success is the only option."


Verb's sound is unique in its versatility and deep tones.

His music is influential and motivating to those who experience the struggles of street life. Verb has produced six mixtapes and has pressed one CD of his own. Verb has pushed approximately 25,000 in CD sales. He has successfully hosted and headlined events such as the MVP Mansion Party, Summer Nights, Local Nights and The Pulse. Verb's talent has allowed him to share the stage with successful mainstream artists such as Mike Jones, Lil Flip, Tech N9ne, Too Short, Sugar Free, GZA, The Game, Andre Nikatina, Nappy Roots, Coolio, Living Legends, Zion I, Slug, Yuk Mouth, Keak tha Sneak, Play n Skills, Glasses Malone, Turf Talk and Play Boi Trey. The experience this artist has obtained is remarkable.

Verb is undoubtedly one of most recognized independent artists in his area. His ambition and focus will be a long lasting legacy. Verb is known for his signature salute, an acknowledgement of the struggle and his mutual respect for other artists and fellow hustlers. Verb has developed strong business relationships and has developed not only as an artist but as a professional as well. He has come at the game differently compared to other artists. His focus isn't on competition but on cooperation. The accomplishments acquired at such a young age are reflective of this artists ambitious character.

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