Mrs. Idaho United States Pageant Provides Positive Role Models for Girls

Mrs. Idaho 2013 Contestants
Finding positive role models for girls isn't as easy as it should be. That is why I was so delighted to bring one of my daughters to the 2013 Mrs. Idaho United States Pageant.

The event was packed with gems that show girls the type of women they can become. They contestants are great examples of strong, intelligent and beautiful human beings.

My wife and I often talk to our girls about how women are portrayed in the media and what kinds of stereotypes they see. These discussions, along with bringing them to events like the Mrs. Idaho United States Pageant, can counteract harmful messages kids get about body image, sexuality, and role models.

One of the best competitors in this vein was Mrs. Idaho United States 2012, Lisa Stoehr. My family had the privilege of getting to know her while she prepared to participate in the Mrs. United States pageant in July 2012 in Las Vegas Nevada.

On pageant night 2013, we were graced with the smile, charm and kindness of pageant director Kristen Jones Rossow. A true down-to-earth type, Rossow blends her awesome creativity and business sense with a family-friendly demeanor and program.

Having been a pageant fan for years, following some of Idaho's top winners, including Lindsay Campbell and Christy Coburn Stansell, I decided to take a look at what experts say about the benefits of such competitions. According to pageant expert and personal development coach RhondaShappert, these benefits include: recognition for hard work; personal development (understanding strengths, values, likes, dislikes, beliefs, and personality style); communication skills (including meaningful face-to-face presence in the age of Facebook); building  confidence, facing ones fears through the interview process -- to the big stage-- to talking to people all over the state and nation; and handling stress, pressure and disappointment.

We are blessed to have such an outlet where my family can have fun while helping our girls learn such priceless life lessons.