Lindamichellebaron: Let's Help Celebrate My Friend Ms. Ruby Dee!

YOU STILL HAVE A DAY TO JOIN ME IN CONTRIBUTING has emerged as a wonderful way for creative people to reach out to
their community of fans, friends and family. And now, one of my personal heroines,
the inimitable Ms. Ruby Dee, is the subject of an exciting fundraising campaign. Her
grandson, Muta'Ali, an emerging filmmaker in his own right, is crafting a
documentary on the subject of her life.

This will be, I believe, a gigantic contribution and I look forward to viewing it
and sharing it with my friends, fans, family and students. But it can’t happen
without you! Muta and his family are trying to raise $50.000 to help with the
production. They have met their goal but we have until late this Friday, June 29th
to add to what they have raised!

But I’m determined to see this project succeed and I know you can help. If you have
ever enjoyed one of Ms. Dee’s films, plays, books or performances, now is the time
to reach out to her by contributing any amount!


Kickstarter Donation Page:

Official Website for Documentary:



A Note from the Producers Muta'Ali (Ms. Dee's Grandson) and Jevon "NJ" Frank

You can make this project happen by clicking the red “donate” button on the bottom
of this page. Pledge any amount between $10 and $10,000 and you will receive a
reward for your support (rewards on the Kickstarter page). LIFE'S ESSENTIALS WITH
RUBY DEE will carry the legacy of Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee forward for the first
time in feature documentary form.

Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee are legends of the stage and screen. Throughout their
careers, which span over six decades, Ossie and Ruby have helped pave the way for
generations of young black actors, filmmakers and activists.

I know Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee simply as Grandpa and Gram Ruby. I’ve been blessed
with the opportunity to examine more deeply the lives and careers of my grandparents
and, with my grandmother Ruby, explore the pivotal, personal and professional
choices she and Ossie made that lead them to achieve success in their marriage,
their careers, their contribution to the civil rights movement and more.

The hope is to, through documenting their story, discover the secrets of divine
love; romantic, professional, spiritual, communal, and self love. By telling the
story of their marvelous lives and juxtaposing past with present, I’ll explore for
myself and my audience what is essential to life and to love.

We will screen a portion of this documentary at a reception/screening in New York
this October 2012 to honor my grandmother on her 90th birthday (October 27th, 2012).

Be a part of creating this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Thank you so much!

—Muta'Ali and Jevon "NJ" Frank

IMPORTANT: Funding will go toward travel, fees for talent participation
(transportation to/from interviews, makeup, etc.), equipment, editing, data storage,
legal services, and licensing movies, photos and music. While we have reached our
goal, every additional donation will help us, so with a little more than a day left,
your support is still vital!


Jump for the Sun

by Lindamichellebaron

Live like we know
There’s a race to be won
But to win it we have to
Jump for the sun.

Don’t let the sun shine on our face.
Jump for the sun. Don’t stand in place.
The universe has enough for everyone
But to get it we have to jump for the sun.

We know what it takes to begin.
Get knowledge and stamina. Get set to win.
Get discipline, focus, and control.
We’re getting ready to reach for a goal.
Jump for the sun.

Excerpt from
"Jump for the Sun"
by Lindamichellebaron.