Thursday, May 12, 2016

Mayors of Ada Cities Endorse TJ Thomson for County Commissioner

Posted by Michael Strickland

I have supported TJ Thomson for many years and have always enjoyed my interactions with him. He is a solid, knowledgeable leader. 

That is why I am not suprised that the mayors of Meridian, Kuna, and Garden City threw their support behind TJ Thomson today in his bid to become the next Ada County Commissioner. Joe Stear, Mayor of Kuna, Tammy de Weerd, Mayor of Meridian, and John Evans, Mayor of Garden City, announced on Thursday that they’ll serve as honorary co-chairs in Thomson’s effort to be Ada County’s next County Commissioner.

Stand with the mayors and show your support with a contribution of $25, $50, or $100 to help elect TJ in November.

“Choosing the right candidates to represent our residents is critical,” said Meridian Mayor Tammy de Weerd. “I support TJ Thomson for Ada County Commissioner because of his knowledge and experience, as well as his fresh ideas, perspectives, and willingness to work with the cities on all issues. TJ’s focus on transparency and ethics is something all Ada County residents will benefit from.”

Read my first blog about TJ from 2009.

“No one will work harder for you,” echoed Kuna Mayor Joe Stear, citing Thomson’s track record on the Boise City Council, professionalism and vision for the future.

“TJ has a thorough understanding of the issues our county faces; he’s committed to ethical and transparent government,” Evans said. “He offers common sense solutions to the difficult challenges before us and will repair the strained relationships between our cities and the county, bringing us together to create and support good-paying jobs for citizens.”

Help ensure that TJ has the chance to prove the mayors right with a contribution of $25, $50, or $100 or whatever you can afford.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Experience Dada Life Friday at Revolution Concert House Event Center

by Michael Strickland

 To Whom It May Concern, We recently became aware of your organization and we wanted to commence cordial relationships between our two respective entities. We think what you are doing is of utmost importance, not only to our great nation of Dada Land, but also other nations. We want to bring as much awareness to … Continue Reading bleow for the latest news from Dada Life:


Dada Life is a Swedish DJ duo from Stockholm. The duo of Olle Cornéer and Stefan Engblom was formed in 2006. In 2010, Dada Life was voted #89 in DJ Magazine's annual Top 100 list of the most popular DJs.

Experience DadaLife Friday at Revolution Concert House Event Center

Dada Life's popularity grew over the next two years: in October 2011, they were voted #38 in DJ Magazine's Top 100, and #24 in 2012. Some of Dada's biggest hits to date include "Rolling Stones T-shirt", "Happy Violence", "Kick Out The Epic Motherf*cker", "Unleash the F*cking Dada", "White Noise / Red Meat", "Feed The Dada" and their remixes of "Dynasty" and "Llove" by Kaskade (feat. Haley), "Big Bad Wolf" by Duck Sauce, "Who Is Ready To Jump" by Chuckie, and "Prutataaa" by Afrojack and R3hab. Dada Life frequently headlines at North America's two largest electronic dance festivals, the Electric Daisy Carnival and Ultra Music Festival. At Electric Daisy Carnival 2011, Dada Life brought out a full marching band to perform their song "White Noise / Red Meat."

 On October 26, 2013, Dada Life broke the Guinness World Record for the world's largest pillow fight at a Dada Land Compound event at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago and had 3,813 participants.

On July 19, 2015, Dada Life broke the Guinness World Record for the world's largest gathering of people dressed as fruit at Dada Land: The Voyage. The event was at San Manuel Ampitheater in Southern California and had 629 participants.


Thursday, April 14, 2016

How Rich People Think

"Waking up early and dedicating myself to my studies as my first priority helps me to quiet my soul, feed my spirit and have control over my thoughts, body and emotions," writes AXS faculty member Don Boyer in one of his daily emails. "As long as I start off slowly, I am able to move fast throughout the rest of my day. Strong focus is not a by-product of hard work but the result of a calm spirit." 

His words got me thinking about what separates the rich from the poor and the middle class. What kind of thoughts and habits do wealthy people have. What do they do every day?

"Like most things in life, becoming good at attracting money is no different than becoming good at anything else, be it being a sub-par golfer, losing weight, or mastering a second language," 
writes self-made millionaire Steve Siebold, author of How Rich People Think.

Almost anyone can make it happen — and it often begins with your thoughts, beliefs, and choices.

His book will teach you how rich people think. It compares the thoughts, habits and philosophies of the middle class to the world class when it comes to wealth. The differences are as extreme as they are numerous. The strategy is simple: learn how rich people think, copy them, take action and get rich. This book hits hard and never lets up. It's based on a quarter century of interviews with millionaires. It's written in unfiltered, politically incorrect language that makes the point crystal clear and easy to follow. 

Siebold writes:
The hundreds of millionaires interviewed for this book had nothing to gain by sharing their secrets, nor any interest in sugar-coating their advice. These people gave me unprecedented access to their lifestyle and playgrounds; from Palm Beach to Aspen. I was searching for the raw, uncensored truth about how rich people think, and they agreed to share it with me on the promise that their names never be published and their remarks never made public. I've mixed their wisdom with my words, and the result is a book so brutally honest it will shock some and inspire others. If you've ever dreamed of living a life most people only see in movies, study this book like a scientist. Freedom from financial worries and a millionaire's lifestyle is closer than you think.
AXS CEO Troy McClain reminds us to look at life as opportunities not obstacles (ONO).  Some of the keys to turning obstacles into opportunities are: 

1) Retrain your brain, change your paradigm;
2) From As A Man Thinketh by James Allen: 
You have to believe that your brain is a garden so whatever you plant in the form of thoughts will grow. 

Watch your Thoughts, for they become Words 
 Watch your Words, for they become Actions 
 Watch your Actions, for they become Habits 
 Watch your Habits, for they become Character 
 Watch your Character, for it becomes your Destiny

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Stories of Success from Brian Tracy and AXS CEO Troy McClain

AXS CEO Troy McClain
Troy McClain and Brian Tracy are two of my favorite success trainers. Here are some of my favorite stories from their work:

Special Needs awareness is a huge issue and Troy recently recently returned from his seventh year of attending the Buddy Cruise. Here are some of his ideas, mixed with great ideas from success trainer Brian Tracy:

Buddy Cruise ( is an organization that takes special needs children and their families on a cruise of a lifetime. What I get to experience each year is nothing short of life-changing: watching children overcome obstacles and challenges while smiling the entire time. Experiencing their willingness to love, dance, share and care for others for the simple reason of “just because” is inspiring. They love themselves and you for being you and not for what you own, have or can do for them or personal gain. They are a living example to follow. The gift that they offer up, only a few know about and others wish to discover. 

The few that experience this gift, may at times, confuse its value with something other than priceless! The gift is open to us all but only discovered by those who are ready to receive it. In order to be ready, your mind must be receiving lessons at a frequency level that will allow you to feel the presence of the gift. Your depth of understanding or conscious level must be at a degree where you will attract all the gifts and track all the levels of love being given. 
Brian Tracy

It take a minute to make the decision to be part of this community but a lifetime to fully appreciate what has been given. Within this community there are amazing individuals, innovators, instructors, motivators and champions of compassion. People who can and will inspire, uplift and serve exactly what you need to hear, have and do to change your own life for the better! 

Listen, learn and apply their living examples of expression, acceptance, tolerance and love and you will be a better person for it!  I have often heard anything worth having is worth fighting for. With that, I invite you continue to fight old concepts, Ideas, and thoughts in order to have the lessons, love and life this community can give you. Success leaves tracks. This is proven. But success has a wide definition and has many categories. 

One category of success is relationships, both with yourself and others. However, most people have difficulty wrapping their brains around the simple fact that someone with special needs can actually be a teacher toward what they desire most. Learning to love yourself without judgment, learning to express your love to your husband, wife or significant other without concern of public criticism and practicing having fun without the worries of what others would think of you is what you can learn from this community. These areas and more are what most desire to have. 

You can learn something so incredibly positive from watching, learning and applying the actions our special needs community displays. You can begin to practice that which you wish you could have by incorporating what they do on a daily basis. You can discover courage, find motivation, learn to love better and even find yourself through them. We just celebrated special needs awareness month. However, today is the day that you can learn from others and discover all that you need to have, be and do awaits you. Simply make the decision to include a community that would love you for you! 

Here is a great story from Brian Tracy:

My friend Bill Gove who used to be one of the top speakers in America, would be approached by people all the time telling him they wanted to be speakers.
He would ask the question, “Why?”Often they would tell him they wanted to be famous, or make a lot of money and be a star on the stage.
He pointed out that these were not good enough reasons.  Just to want to make money and have fame were not good enough reasons.
The reason why successful people are successful in speaking is because they have a burning message that they want to share, that people can really benefit from.

Troy's life includes many great tales:

Troy set his sights on success -; equating that with business icon Donald Trump -; at an early age. USA Today television critic Ann Oldenburg wrote that McClain, with his down-home personality and street-smart wits, became "the one to beat in the reality/game show that has become a pop-culture phenomenon." But reality television is often unpredictable. Troy learned that popularity doesn't ensure a top spot in a TV show.

"The Apprentice" finally came to an end for the working man from Idaho. Citing Troy's lack of education and "loose cannon" nature, Trump and his advisers fired him, although Trump himself acknowledged, "This is the toughest choice I've had to make," when deciding between Troy and his friend and fellow competitor, Kwame Jackson. Troy had survived until the 12th episode. After his firing, four others remained to compete for the top spot. Looking back On the show, Troy and Jackson bonded and remain friends today. In a later interview, Jackson recalled that he helped the Idaho contestant with his wardrobe when Troy realized he hadn't packed enough business attire for the show. Jackson loaned him ties, jackets and cuff links. "I grow out of things and styles change, and I always try to pass things along because it's the right thing to do," Jackson told the Charlotte Observer. "With Troy, he didn't have anything to look the part, so I tried to help him."

 Even today, Troy's not really comfortable in anything that resembles a suit and tie. And his easygoing nature helped generate a cult following for the show in his home state. Doug Armstrong, president and general manager of NBC affiliate KTVB in Boise, remembers the phenomenon. "When people in Idaho think about 'The Apprentice,' two names come to mind: Donald Trump and Troy McClain," Armstrong says. "I think he put that show on the map for the people of Idaho." Troy even made an impression on Trump, who mentioned the former contestant in his book "Think Like a Billionaire."

"Troy was on 'The Apprentice' and had a lot of street smarts, but not a lot of formal education," Trump wrote. "He's a good example of someone who deserves the best. Guys like Troy make America great." Moving the mission Even before "The Apprentice," Troy managed a successful investing and mortgage-banking career. But with the fame from his appearance on the show, his motivation moved away from mere dollars and toward a sense of purpose.

Troy has lessened his emphasis on banking and moved into a career of consulting -; with a spin he calls "social capitalism." Recalling his days in Trump's realm, he compared himself to his counterparts who attended such institutions of higher learning as Harvard and Wharton. "I was thinking: 'What do I have to compare with these men? ' I came to realize, I do have something to offer. I have hope to offer. I have inspiration to offer."

Crystal McClain says her husband's determination to succeed is fueled by a desire to help others. And it plays out with different outcomes than a pure philanthropist might imagine. That's because Troy says his bank account doesn't have enough numerals -; yet -; to serve as a philanthropist. Instead of simply giving out money, Troy wants his message to better the lives of others. "We continue to try to inspire and create something with a passion and purpose," he says, adding later, "I'm not rich enough to be a philanthropist, but I'm not greedy enough to be a capitalist."

 Hollywood types believe Troy could have propelled his net worth drastically higher by taking up a big-time endorsement or television slot in New York or Los Angeles. He turned those offers down. "People offered to move me to New York or move me to LA or wherever," he said. "I thought about who has made this a home for me. Well, my community has made Idaho a home for me, my bride has made Idaho a home. So why do I want to leave my family? "

What about education? Troy wasn't bashful about his lack of a college education on "The Apprentice," a point Trump brought up in showing him the door. In the aftermath, Trump told Larry King he'd pay for Troy to go to college anywhere he wanted. With Harvard, Yale and other prestigious institutions willing to open their doors, the Idahoan instead called Boise State University President Bob Kustra. Giving the state's largest university a compliment, he told Kustra he'd choose "the Harvard of the West" when the time comes. It hasn't yet.

"Most people in business will tell you you've got to have your Ph.D., you've got to have an MBA. I tell everybody, I got my Ph.D. a long time ago. I was Poor, Hungry and Driven. That's my Ph.D.," he says with a smile. "Today, what I'm working on is my MBA. My Massive Bank Account. ... But I'm going to give back. Why Idaho vs. LA or New York? The answer is that Idaho took care of me. Idaho embraced me and my family."

While he doesn't devalue the importance of a college education, Troy sees that the time commitment could hinder his aspirations more than help them. That desire to pick the time and place prompted him to choose Boise State rather than the Ivy League. That's because Troy knows BSU will have open doors regardless of his relative fame and fortune. He told the university president, "If I'm going to pick one, I'm going to pick you." The response from Kustra: "When you're ready, you come to us."

Instinctively, he knows the other offers no longer exist. "I'm sure Yale ain't knocking on my door anymore," he says noting that his college-entrance exam score was far from perfect. "It was all about the publicity." Looking back, it's one reason Troy has such a feeling of obligation to his hometown. Idahoans, he says, take care of each other. Not so much in other places across the nation. A college degree has taken a back burner for the "Apprentice" entrepreneur because he says it's something he can always acquire. "I don't regret the choices I've made," he said. "I might not have made as big an impact because I would have been focusing on education and college and not focusing on other people. I can always go to college. ... I only have this shot once."

 Rough-edged roots 
Troy's life was shaped by his early days of rugged upbringing in remote Alaska. "Most of who and what I am today began in 1981," he says, adding, "That's not when I was born but when my life changed forever. It was the day that I first met DoraLynn." He looks back at the pivotal moment with reverence. "My parents brought her into our family in 1984 and eventually adopted her," he said in his online journal. "DoraLynn is Eskimo, and when she was little, she contracted spinal meningitis, which left her developmentally delayed and profoundly deaf." When his mother and father separated, Troy became the man of the house. And, as a big brother, the assertive teen found himself in a protective role, defending his sister from those who teased her with coarse remarks. "I'd spent most of my time mending fences and skinning my fists for something. I was a typical troubled kid that was rabble-rousing and getting into trouble," he says. "I've got three wrist surgeries, three shoulder surgeries from fisticuffing. Knee surgeries, too."

 His first job was shoveling driveways as a boy in Alaska -; but he actually made his first dollar by selling some of his hair to a craftswoman who made dolls in the Eskimo village where he lived. As he grew older and graduated from high school, the family's financial situation pushed him into the workplace instead of college. He took on several jobs while in Spokane. "I hit the streets to make my fortune," he remembered in his journal. "I did anything and everything to make a buck. I started a party promotion house, a T-shirt company, and in 1994 opened my own health club." He ultimately decided to get into the mortgage and lending business, first in Spokane and then in Boise. His sister played an important role in his decision to put down roots in Idaho.

He brought her and their mother down from Spokane because of educational opportunities available at the Idaho School for the Deaf and Blind. "Gooding, Idaho, had one of the best schools in the nation for the deaf and the blind," he says. "I said, 'This is where we need to be.'" His venture into entrepreneurship started in Idaho when he began to buy and sell real estate in addition to his banking career. If that weren't enough to keep him busy, he studied the ins and outs of health insurance so he could serve as a benefits consultant to self-employed clients. His successes in juggling such diverse businesses became a key factor in his selection to the freshman class of "The Apprentice."

 What makes Troy tick? Crystal McClain sees her husband as someone who works hard so that he can give back to those around him. "Troy has this mindset that he has not done enough for others or his community in his life," he said. "If there were 48 hours in a day and he could, he would spend 46 hours a day giving back to those who are in need." Troy met friend Rissell, 31, by chance in 2000 when they were both working out at Gold's Gym. The pair instantly hit it off and remain close today.

 "I was shadowboxing. He had just walked in with this big smile and said, 'I do the same thing,'" Rissell remembered. "We started talking and became friends way back them." He describes his friend as a fierce competitor who wants to win but wants to achieve success as a way to give him the power to help others. Rissell also had an inkling that Troy would come back to Idaho even though he had global opportunities at his fingertips in "The Apprentice" afterglow. "I always had the suspicion he'd never get Idaho out of his blood. I think if you cut Troy, Idaho would bleed out of him."

 As a candidate for Trump's top job, Troy's buoyant, outgoing and optimistic personality connected with viewers. His wife says there's nothing fake about it. "In the last 10 years of our relationship, I could probably count on one hand the number of times Troy wasn't over-the-top positive about any given situation," she says. "He has this uncanny quality to always see things with a glass-half-full perspective which I can't tell you how much I appreciate." He approaches each day believing people have a choice to make it great. "Even if Troy is feeling a bit under the weather, he always has a smile on his face and something positive to say." Crystal adds. But he's not without regrets. In the back of his mind, he still wonders how much more success he could have achieved if he had finished out on top and had been hired by Trump. "I can't help but wonder if I had spent just one more hour or had one more idea, what kind of difference that would have made."

 But Rissell, who owns, an Internet-based product for small businesses, says Troy inspires others not to let setbacks hold them back for long. "Things that I get from Troy are to dream big and don't let others discount or distract you from your dream. He also stresses for you to allow failures to be stepping stones and not barriers -; how to turn failure into ways to be successful." Rissell, of Meridian, also believes Troy's dynamic nature and enthusiasm are contagious. "Spending 10 minutes with Troy is like slamming an energy drink. He has a ton of energy. ...; He gives it to you. That's why people want to be around him."

 Life in Idaho today
With two years of contracts already in place, Troy's motivational speaking and business consulting career is in full swing. It keeps him on the road and intensely busy, so much so that he acknowledges his life is not in perfect balance. "I logged 271,000 air miles last year," he says, using a serious tone that doesn't sound like bragging. "For 40 weeks out of the year, I was somewhere other than home." 

With no children yet, Troy and Crystal are using the momentum they have in the wake of his television appearance to get their business moving. They realize it takes sacrifice. "I don't know when this goes away, so why waste the opportunity? " he said. "I'm going to maximize it while we can." In a couple weeks in January alone, he traveled to appearances in San Diego, Beverly Hills, Rancho Cucamonga and other Southern California cities, Salt Lake City and Las Vegas. But, by deciding to set up his business here, he's always able to come home to Idaho and be close to family. And when he's in town, he puts a priority on "family, fishing and friends." Crystal jokes, however, that it's not necessarily in that order.

 After traveling from state to state for years as he grew into adulthood, Troy cherishes the reception he received from Idahoans. "Alaska claims me because I was born there. Montana claims me because that's where my kin's from. Spokane claims me because I graduated from there. And Idaho is the one that embraced me."

 His busy schedule shows no signs of slowing. In addition to his consulting work, Troy shot 52 episodes of "Home Team," a syndicated television show that helped people in special circumstances get mortgages for their first homes. He's also about to tape a pilot fishing show for the National Geographic Channel. That's fitting for an outdoorsman who's at home in an Idaho stream. And his stream of choice: the Middle Fork of the Boise River. While he says others tout the south fork, he likes the middle fork because the fish "put up more of a fight."

 While he's in the valley, Troy and Crystal also hit the fundraising circuit, such as a recent drop-in appearance for the Ronald McDonald House near St. Luke's Regional Medical Center. Of his commitment to the community, Troy remembers a promise he made before going on Trump's show. "I thought that if we make it into the finals, we can create a legacy," he says. "I'm not going to chase the shallow dream. I'm going to chase the legacy."

 Although Troy is the one with the national spotlight, the two McClains form a solid partnership that Rissell says is apparent to those around them. "There's no question, they're a team," he says. "After my wife and I were with them once, my wife's comment was, 'They are awesome together.' It's great to watch them work together." Troy doesn't know when the ride will end, but he looks back at where he's been with a sense of accomplishment he feels others can emulate. "There's young people out there who think they can't do something. I am here to tell them they can."

 As tangible evidence of his ability to break away from an austere childhood, he notes that he's shaken the hands of at least seven billionaires. But his true objective in life doesn't have dollar signs attached. "My whole goal and mission is to make sure my bride has someone to be proud of, my baby sister thinks that I'm the fastest, the toughest, the strongest and the best-looking, and to make sure that we're taking care of our family and our community."

We can learn much from these models of success.

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Exciting Fire Shows at The Harbor Grill & Event Center Every Saturday Night this Summer

MYTH is a group that loves to push the boundaries of the human body and puts on exciting fire shows. 

"MYTH is located in Boise, ID but they do travel around the northwest of America looking for adventure," their official website says. "We have been putting on shows all over and has taught a few hundred students." 

We are so excited to Welcome back the most amazing fire spinners in the City of trees! The Harbor Grill & Event Center said on its Facebook page!  MYTH will be preforming every Saturday through the summer to bring you live dinner shows you cant get anywhere else! 

Rated the #1 Patio in Boise! The Harbor Grill & Event Center is the best place to host any event: Business meetings, groups, wedding receptions, bachelor/bachelorette parties, birthdays and more!

And while Summer is right around the corner, but you can come down and experience a taste of summer now!

To make reservations please call 208-853-5070. 

Summer is right around the corner, but you can come down and experience a taste of summer now!! #summerdrinks #quench #lakeside #boise
Posted by The Harbor Grill & Event Center on Tuesday, March 8, 2016

AXS Introduces Dynamic New Faculty: Neal Powless and Michelle Schenandoah-Powless

BREAKING: Online success club ALL AXS introduced two new faculty members this month, Neal Powless and Michelle Schenandoah-Powless, a powerhouse husband and wife Native American team. AXS writer, Michael Strickland, recently sat down with Neal and Michelle to get a feel of his pulse and to see what they offer our elite club.

Neal Powless & Michelle Schenandoah-Powless
1) How was your Boise experience? Please elaborate. What did you think of the environment here at our corporate headquarters? How were the people? Did you have any enlightening feelings or thoughts as a result of your visit?
Boise was amazing. We arrived in Boise not knowing what to expect other then we were about to meet with Troy McClain. We had no idea what was about to transpire and how amazing of an experience it would turn out to be.

We met with the AXS group and were treated with open arms and welcoming smiles with amazing hearts and souls with light that filled each room we entered into. It was such a warm and inviting experience with no agenda. There were many new people walking into the office and as we learned more about what each person was there for, it was clear that this group is a special place. This is accentuated with how anyone who enters is greeted at the door. Salle is an amazing soul with some amazing stories and life experiences and she truly sets the stage for the office. 
We had the pleasure of spending time with Brett Labit, Patrick Jager and Troy. It wasn't until the end of the trip that we started to realize the synergy of why we where both there in Boise. We learned what each of these people where doing to bring AXS into the future and we realized the connection to our Haudenosaunee teachings, political structure and collaborative system of building community. We instantly decided it was time to "get on the train" and become part of this amazing movement. It has been a fantastic experience full of growth, excitement and FUN
Neal Powless
2) Tell us more about your vision for yourself, your career and for your role as an AXS leader in the immediate future and long term.
What a fun question. I grew up the son (and grandson) of Chiefs among the Onondaga, a member Nation of the Haudenosaunee that is made up of 6 different Nations. My father had been put up as a Chief just before I was born and so my world was heavily influenced by the traditions, culture and ceremonies of my people that have been passed down for thousands of years. We are a people of spirit, passion and peace. This peace has been something that our people have developed over those many years. I am a product of that process.
This history affects my personal vision, as the message of peace that is part of my ancestral heritage, is something I will share with the world. A famous Onondaga Leader by the name of Oren Lyons recently presented a question in a documentary titled The Good Mind, “How do you instruct, 7 billion people as to their relationship to the Earth?” The answer is to share, to speak and to provide a space for all people to openly accept one another and communicate with love and respect for one another. This is my vision and my goal.
As I work on my PhD, and develop my role as an AXS leader, I see a space of people with passion, love and respect for life in their hearts. In our teachings we believe that everything on Mother Earth has a spirit, and AXS teaches us that everything in the Universe has an energy. My role as a AXS leader is to expose these correlations so that the Origins of GIN can intersect with the Origins of Indigenous thought. This connection to source, to creation energy is in everyone.
As for long-term goals, I have spent a good amount of my recent life as a counselor working with people to help them find their own life story, their dreams and to find ways to keep focused on that. To do this it is always good to know who your heroes are. Recently I have found myself interested in Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and Ronaldinho. I have yet to research any of these people deeper, but from what I perceive their greatest traits are, I feel I can find the relationships between us all. What this means for my future I am unclear, but I know that once I get to a place that I can see, I will surely find more to look for.
Recently, I have dedicated myself to following my heart.  For most of my career, I worked in law and business strategy consulting.  I’m a Juris Doctor and Master of Laws in Taxation.  I worked as a Senior Strategist with Native governments throughout the US in the areas of economic development and governance, and with national and international non-profits and start-ups.  I’ve also served on several non-profit boards.
 Michelle Schenandoah-Powless
About a year and a half-ago, I had a life-changing event that brought my whole life to a new level of understanding and being, as I worked through the gift of a serious concussion that took me completely out of my line of work and into the present moment of every moment.  During this time of transition, I looked deep within my core and my passions in order to find a new way of living that felt in synch with my heart.  I continually sought and asked Creation to show me my purpose.  With time, the answer came from within, that my singular purpose on Mother Earth is to simply, “Be Love.”  This answer has set me free as I’ve come to learn that I don’t need to “do” any singular thing, I just have to be.   Now I realize that whatever is in front of me is exactly what I am to do and the choices of what I decide to do in every moment defines my happiness.
Since I put away my search for an answer of my purpose, doors have been flying open and life has been gifting me with amazing opportunities.  People and events have come into my life that have brought enormous waves of happiness, connection and love.  I have dedicated myself to a completely new way of conscious parenting and living, that includes an introspective journey into the cross sections of my culture and our original teachings, and how I may make a greater impact in the world.  Alongside my husband, we were asked to become faculty members of AXS.  Following a feeling of deep fulfillment, I also signed up to become a certified Dharma Coach to self-empower seekers on their path to realizing their dreams.  My husband and I opened Indigenous Concepts Consulting and have already worked on projects in film, business development, higher education, public speaking and writing.  I have come to serve in a greater capacity to a group of national coalitions with the Seven Dancers Coalition in New York that works to raise awareness and prevention of domestic violence and sexual assault against women and children in Native American communities through healing.
Through my role as a AXS leader, I envision bringing the voice and principles of Native American teachings to AXS , along with sharing my unique experiences in life as a Native woman, mother and as a human being.  Neal and I have found a deep resonance in our people’s teachings and AXS principles.  As Native people, we are told that we are stewards of our Mother the Earth, and through the processes of AXS, we hope to engender a new understanding and way of being for humankind here on Earth.  We not only need to be eco-conscious, we need to become eco-loving.  In order to create this, it is critical to make space within every being for the special and unique connection of women and children to the energy of Creation.  It is then that humankind will be kind.  Now and in the long-term, it is my desire to share the principles of the Haudenosaunee to engender this perspective.
3) Your life story has many strong cultural and spiritual references in it. What would you like to share from your background that all AXS members may benefit from?
Well, I touched on it briefly in the previous question but I feel it comes through in the answer to every question. As a young child my parents told me many things, but there is one that stuck in my head, “You don’t know where you are going if you don’t know where you came from.” I guess it was because they had told me so many times over and over, to understand my culture, my heritage as a reference for who I am and what I represent.
It is with this knowledge that I am still developing, that I bring to the AXS membership. Funny thing is, as I move on this journey, I find myself more committed to learning more details, thinking critically about my ancestry and teachings to truly have a better understanding of them. Being someone who people already look to when they have questions about this stuff, I find it intriguing that it has pushed me in many ways to be a better, increasingly well-rounded person in so many new ways. What a gift life is, to give each of us an opportunity to find a way to get better each day. What a thing to be thankful for.
In our culture we give thanks for each of the “gifts” we receive each day. It would be multiple articles to explain our perception of what the word “gift” means to us, but I will sum it up in a brief statement. A gift is the creation energy that the Creator has given to all of us and it is our responsibility to engage in life in a way that allows us to become aware of those gifts. Like any gift, it is also our responsibility to “share” this gift with the world so that any generation yet to be born has an opportunity to enjoy life and all of lifes’ joys in a way that resembles our own experiences on Mother Earth.
We then get to answer why we decide to engage in each experience. My choice is to bring a message of peace, harmony and equity. It is a process by which I feel great passion and excitement for. It is also something that I get to share with my wife, my children, my family and every community I engage in.
There are three moments in my life that have served as guideposts for all that I do, for which I’d like to share with you.
Our former Tadadaho, who is the leader of all of the Haudenosaunee people, Leon Shenandoah, was once asked, “If you could wish away all the (non-Native) people and make this land Native land once again, would you do it?”  He replied, “No, I would not because Creator sent everyone here for a reason. I don’t know what that reason is, but it’s up to all of us to figure that out.”
I believe that all things happen for a reason.  His answer gave me the key to explore all facets of life and understand that the differences between humankind may be trivial, as we are all here on what we call Turtle Island and as time passes, it seems that we become more and more of a diversified culture coming together as One.  As my life unfolds and I expand in my own consciousness, Tadadaho’s words lead me to further explore answers to that reason.  I find it to be big wins when US laws reflect equality, like the US Supreme court legalizing same sex marriage across the county, and notable celebrities pick up campaigns for causes of the Earth, as these were always lifeways of Native peoples.  I feel that through the people of the world coming together, particularly in the Americas, is for humanity to come to the greater understandings that Native peoples have always held.
When I was sitting in a Wolf Clan meeting as a child, I had a suggestion for our community members who could not come to a decision.  When I made the suggestion, a very unhappy elderly woman snapped at me, as she just saw me as a child and that I had no place to speak.  My uncle who sat in the position as a Chief, very kindly said to all of the people in the meeting, “It is said among our people, that when we don’t know what to do, to look to the children, for they truly hold the answers.”
On my spiritual journey and through parenting, I’ve come to learn the closeness that children hold to Creation. It is their innocence, sense of fairness and genuine loving nature that provides us true insight into the Divine energy of the Universe.
Finally, the words of my Grandmother, who was a Wolf Clan Mother for the Oneida people, led her life creating a space for the Oneidas to live in their original homelands and to carry on their traditions.  As a leader, she was often condemned or criticized as she forged ahead in her heart’s life work to make things right for the Oneidas.  She would let her people know, “Always do your best.”  She applied this thought to all that she did and shared it openly for others to follow. Her words continually resonate in my daily life no matter what that situation.  I have found the strength in these words to face fear, overcome challenges and to find my way through scenarios that seem to have no resolution. Whenever I am faced with a moment of uncertainty, I think of my Grandmother’s words and move forward with confidence. I’ve discovered it humanity’s only true way of consciously evolving.

AXS is truly fortunate to benefit from the amazing work of Neal Powless and Michelle Schenandoah-Powless

Friday, March 4, 2016

An Amazing Day at AXS Leadership Retreat '16 in Cancun

The energy was high at General Session
Friday 3/4/16: AXS CEO Troy McClain and an all-star cast of speakers, motivators and trainers are making a miracle happen!

Many people are in Cancun for an event of a lifetime. How exciting it is to be at the place of the very roots of where our club began! Over the next few days, members are exposed to lots of great information that will be life-changing.

Check out some of today's highlights of this amazing experience at AXS '16 Leadership Retreat in Cancun, Mexico at Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort!

The mood is absolutely electric in this unparalleled community of like-minded individuals who nurture success.

Magic, love and posh atmosphere
Spirituality began the day at a Patenaude Sunrise Meditation Session. Next, health was manifested at Patenaude Warrior Fitness Express Workout. Then the Level VI Meeting set a tone for success. The Platinum and Sanctioned Speaker Meeting followed, bringing joy and wealthy vibrations. Members later mingled in the magic and posh atmosphere of the White Hot Party.

In the evening, the General Session raised the frequency for everyone!

Our private membership club was formed in November 2009, by a group of very successful people. The purpose of the club is to enable people to "Be, Do and Have" whatever they want in life. This a global club and has Members and Associates in more than 150 countries. In short, we are a very unique success club, unlike any club that has ever been formed before.

AXS faculty member Don Boyer said: 

Absorb all the energy, vibration and knowledge while you are there. I wanted to personally tell each of you that Melinda will be representing both of us in Cancun.  

As many of you know, last year, we launched production on a brand-new film called The Knowing. I am on the final deadline cuts and must finish the project this week, which means I am staying behind to complete my contractual, moral and ethical obligation on this film.
Everyone looked sharp at the White Hot Party
It is very hard for me to stay home and miss this event, but my energy is with you all and Melinda will be there in full-swing representing both of us. Make sure you track her down and give her a big hug.
I wanted to be the one to personally share this with each of you so that there is no misunderstanding why Melinda is there without me. Enjoy the event; your life will be changed forever. For all those who did not go to this event, make sure you stay plugged in and keep your fire burning red hot with excitement.

The family atmosphere is warm and inviting. People are enjoying beaches, boating, networking and all of the success workshops, meetings, music, dancing and world-class speakers. This event is bound to become a classic that will have wonderful ripple effects for years to come.

Check back here to follow the excitement all weekend!

Blaine Athorn Ignited the Platinum Meeting

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